What you're gonna do with those pies, boys?
~ A security guard's last words to the Killer Klowns before they threw the Acid Pies at him.

The Acid Pies are seemingly-sweet acid-filled pies used by the Killer Klowns in the 1988 sci-fi/horror comedy movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space. These acidic pies are used to melt a human and/or any living being's skin off into a skeleton.


After capturing Debbie Stone in a giant red-and-yellow Klown Balloons, Slim, one of the Klowns, arrives at an amusement park, where his and the other Klowns' circus tent-like spaceship, the Big Top, had landed on Earth. Slim gets out of the Klown Kar, but a security guard tells him the park is closed. Then, Bibbo, Chubby, Rudy and Shorty all get out of the vehicle one by one.

The annoyed Klowns take out their pies and they start throwing several pies at him, melting him into a skeleton in the process. Then, Shorty puts an enormous red cherry on top on the melted ice cream-like remains of the dead officer in order to make it look like a sundae.

Later, Debbie's boyfriend Mike Tobbaco and brothers Paul and Rich Terenzi arrive along with Officer Dave Hanson, and they find the guard's remains.

After the Big Top explodes, the Terenzi Brothers secretly and hilariously throw pies at Mike, Debbie and Hanson. However, the pies were not acid-filled.




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