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The "Adap-Tor" (short for "Adaptive Helicopter") was a programmed robot/weapon designed by Justin Hammer and found in Marvel comics, like many comic book weaponry it is fantastical in design and purpose so as to pose a threat even to superhuman beings.


What appeared to be a high-tech helicopter arrived in place of an order for the newly formed Stark Enterprises. A note from the manufacturer was included, explaining that they had sent a newer model at no extra cost. James Rhodes, then a helicopter pilot for Stark was excited at the advanced piece of machinery, but upon activating it, he found himself trapped inside, helpless as the helicopter sprouted guns and legs.

The Adap-Tor then went on a rampage across Stark Enterprises. Rhodes contacted Tony Stark, and Iron Man attempted to stop it, but was limited in his attack capabilities due to the concern of injuring Rhodes.

The Adap-Tor activated a one minute self destruct count-down and made its way to the power plant of the facility, adapting new methods of transportation as Iron Man would disable each previous one. Realizing that an explosion would kill the tens to hundreds of people in the administration building which held the power plant, Iron Man prepared to destroy the Adap-Tor, and Rhodes with it. Fortunately, at the last second, Rhodes managed to deactivate the power source to the Adap-Tor, eliminating the need for Iron to destroy it.

Soon after, Stark received a phone call from Justin Hammer, indicating that the Adap-Tor was a gift to welcome him back into the world of commerce and to warn him against crossing him in the future.


  • The Adaptive Helicopter

    Flight (the machine could fly either via traditional helicopter-propellers or via jet-engines.)
  • Mechanical-Walkers (the machine could extend four powerful and long mechanical limbs capable of walking.)
  • Magnetism (the machine's legs ended in magnetic "feet", allowing it to scale walls and other surfaces.)
  • Power-Drill (the machine was equipped with a powerful drill capable of easily carving through solid rock.)
  • Endurance (the machine was made from extremely durable but unknown material that could withstand prolonged conflict with Iron Man.)
  • Twin Mounted Energy Cannons (the machine was weaponized with two large energy-cannons with sufficient strength to be a threat to Iron Man's own weapons.)
  • Explosive Self-Destruct (one of its most dangerous abilities was that it was packed with powerful explosives, if it was destroyed (or self-destructed) the machine would have sufficient explosive impact to down a mid-sized building.)
  • Driver Override System (via unknown means (either a program or a remote-control mechanism the machine could override its driver, such as how it entered an aggressive stance and effective held Rhodes as a hostage within itself.)