The Amulets of Aragon are a pair of powerful artifacts from the animated TV series Danny Phantom. They are two spectral relics belonged to both 2 royal siblings Princess Dorathea and Prince Aragon and they are from the spectral realm within the Ghost Zone known only as the Kingdom of Aragon.

These 2 magical golden amulets with emerald green gems embedded in them are both identical and shares the magical ability to transform whoever wears them into a gigantic and mighty, fire-breathing dragon while giving them other different special abilities while the wearer who wields one of them is in his or her natural form (human or otherwise), but at the same time, it corrupts them, it increases their rage and insanity which in turn creates a dragon form of them while that happens whenever he or she gets angry.

These two spectral artifacts that are worn by Princess Dorathea and her brother Prince Aragon.

Dorathea's amulet falls off and Danny gives it to Paulina as a gift. Paulina gives the amulet to Sam because Sam is not Danny's girlfriend which angers Sam and turns her in to a dragon too. After the amulet was removed after Sam was turned back to normal.

The Amulets of Aragon were never seen nor heard from again.

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