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The Arbatel is one of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries' airships and is one of the airships military. With a lot of fire power, it was greatly feared among the countries of Europe, this is also the main reason for the world let the DEM Industries do what it wants in neighboring countries.

The Arbatel was to be an instrument of terror to terrorists and rebels who were against the occupation and supremacy of the DEM Industries in several countries of the world, despite being a ship made ​​for destruction, it just had the first battle against Fraxinus.

Within its cavernous interior were legions of Bandersnatch Droid DD007 and DEM soldiers, as well detention blocks, interrogation cells. The ship was commanded by James A. Paddington.


  • Laser Can​nons: The ship is equipped with dozens of cannons lasers in his wing low, they have enormous firepower that could combat air force United States completely. They have blue color and can reach over 10 kilometers radius, its power of destruction can decimate an entire island, they are well protected by a layer of steel and lead around the radiator laser.
  • Deflector Shield: The deflector shield Arbatel is very resistant to any kind of attack of high magnitude, they can withstand nuclear attacks and magical technology attacks.
  • Invisibility: In the invisibility mode the ship can stay invisible and can not be seen and not even be felt, it is also not produce any sound and can not be seen by military radars. She moonlight can be seen, except in sunshine, early this ability was very used to invade and steal oil from foreign countries without being able to realize it, but after the DEM took care of all the financial sectors of the world invisbilidade was no longer necessary and skill has been used in secret missions of aerial mode, but in invisible mode the ship can not enter the speed of sound or move at rapid speeds.
  • Bandersnatch Droid DD007: The ship has hundreds of these drones, they serve with infantry on the land can also serve as fighters on his way to fly, and also serve as security guards and guardians of many pilots, commanders and generals in the ship. They are stored in a deposit inside the ship, they are activated by remote control, sometimes the security drones are much stronger than normal drones.