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The Arkham Sanitarium

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The Arkham Sanitarium is an insane asylum named after the town of Arkham and it is a prominent location in the mythos of Lovecraft and those who followed in his footsteps and is depicted as an extremely sinister ward for those who are deeply disturbed and/or insane - by today's standards, Arkham would be seen as inhuman yet, it was, sadly, based somewhat on fact in the sense up until fairly recently in history asylums were run as prisons rather than hospitals and patients were often subjected to abuse or left to fend for themselves in harrowing circumstances.


  • The Arkham Asylum from DC Comics was inspired by this location.
  • The Arkham Sanitarium also appeared in the 1997 Call of Cthulhu rpg videogame "Arkham Sanitarium" published by Chaosium.
    • Similarly themed props had been previously produced by Chaosium for the Dire Documents novelty pack. The forms here have a more realistic 1920's look to them.
    • More recently, amateur prop-makers have produced a yet more authentic, stunning set of props related to Arkham Sanatarium. See the Propnomicon blog for photos and download links for some items.