Baby's Tower

Lord Baby's Tower.jpg

Baby's Tower (inJapanese: バビス トーアー Babisu Tooaa), also known as Lord Baby's Tower (in Japanese: ロード バビス トーアー Roodo Babisu Tooaa), is a towering spire-like palace belonged to the evil Machine Mutant Lord Baby and a location in Dragon Ball GT.


Baby's Tower is located on the newly restored Planet Vegeta (referred to as the Tuffle Planet) due to Baby's wish granted by the eternal dragon Shenron in the name of the lost Tuffle civilization. It is on top of a giant tree stump with support beams stretched to the sides. It's surrounded by the city and has pathways to the other side. Baby created it when he wished for Shen Long to restore the Tuffle home world to to the way it was in before the Saiyans destroyed it. There's a lookout at the top with a video room where Baby can watch what's going on around the city.

The Blutz Wave Generator is installed on the elliptical cone-shaped, dome-like lookout on the top of the tower.

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