Wander Over Yonder songs - Bad Neighbors

"Bad Neighbors" is a song sung in the episode "The Bad Neighbors" of Wander Over Yonder. It is sung during a montage of Lord Hater and Emperor Awesome attempting to one-up each other.

It is also heard during the episode's animatic.


Original Version

Headin' back to the cul-de-sac
To find a little peace and quiet
But my next door neighbor's gettin' on my nerves
And now, sparks are flyin'

It's...bad neighbors! Bad neighbors!
'Cause every time I go outside,
Bad neighbors! Bad neighbors! Gettin' preoccupied
With bad neighbor!

Animatic Version

Well, you all, the villains go

With Dominator's drill in drive

Send 'em back to the bad guy cul-de-sac

And watch the sparks fly

It's...bad neighbors! Bad neighbors!

Givin' up is just...

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