Bagura's Battleship was the personal Bagura's flying saucer, last stage in Super Bombeman 3 and last scenery of Zone 3 from Super Bombeman 5.

The battleship form is a flying saucer with 5 laser cannons and orange glass dome. Inside of battle ship is very equipped with hi-tech traps and powerfull weapons.

In story intro, this saucer appear coming on earth for seach his warriors from spacestation reminds and go away. After the both heroics Bombermen complete pieces Mother Computer Chips in all 5 planets, saucer appear again in certer shooting plasma balls targeting the planets. White Bomberman and Black Bomberman were from floor to floor up for battle with Bagura.

This saucer is destroyed after of Gattaida explosion! In Super Bomberman 5, the battleship is rebuilt for Terrorin forming part of Zone 3 in Terrorin World.


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