The Balberith Tome

The Balberith tome.

Balberith is a very powerful dark magic tome, and it is the source of the strongest dark magic in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is weilded by Izuka, but can be taken from him by killing him.

About the Balberith

This powerful spellbook is carried by Izuka, and appears to be his own personal sorcery. Being a dark magic tome, on one's first playthrough this has no real purpose, other than to sell it for a high price. On any subsequent playthroughs, however, this tome has the potential to be Pelleas's ultimate tome as well.


Fire emblem Balberith

Fire emblem Balberith

FE10-ultimate dark magic spell

FE10-ultimate dark magic spell


  • Balberith is derived from the name of the demon Baal-Berith, described as a chief-secretary of Hell in older Christian demonology.
  • Baal-berith (also called Baalberith) is the combination of the names of two pagan Canaanite gods, Ba'al and Berith.
  • In Hebrew, "Balberith" literally means "Lord of Devotion".


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