The Bald Mountain

The Bald Mountain

The Bald Mountain is a dark and morose mountain home to the great demon Chernabog and it has always been known as the source of Darkness in the Disney franchise since the sequence in Disney's Fantasia.

It is there, on Walpurgis Night, atop on this mountain's top, Chernabog rises from his slumber.

As Chernabog awakens upon Walpurgis Night, he summons his minions to his service at Bald Mountain. The insides of the mountain become a fiery volcano as he flings his minions within.

Chernabog always takes delight in tormenting dead souls and demons here at the mountain while flowing evil spirits swirls around the mountain upon his ever commmand.

Just as he begins to continue his reign of pure evil, the light of day sends the demons back to where they once were and Chernabog will always survive.



  • It is actually based on a real-life mountain in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav. It is where the "supernatural" dwell as well as the "Black God" himself
  • The Evil Grounds

    The Evil Grounds

    Bald Mountain also makes an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series as a location called "Evil Grounds" within the Heartless world known as the End of the World.
  • It made an appearance in the ABC TV series Once Upon a Time as it was home to the winged demon Chernabog who guards a crystal ball bearing a powerful magic curse.
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