The Barian Emblem

The Barian Emblem is the emblem symbolizing the Barian World and its native residents. Its origins lie in the past life of Nasch, leader of the Seven Barian Emperors in which he wore it as a pendant. It appears as a stylized blue fleur-de-lis with a cross-section that encloses a read diamond-shaped gem at center.

After Nasch's death in his past life, he was reincarnated as a Barian and was chosen as the Barian leader by the denizens of Barian World. Due to this, his emblem came to symbolize the Barian World and its residents. Each of the Seven Barian Emperors possess similar, though unrelated emblems. Those who are brainwashed by a Barian have this emblem appear on their foreheads and no longer require the need of their own Duel Gazers to see the Augmented Reality Duel. One of their eyes just becomes red instead. When Vector possessed Dr. Faker, the emblem appeared on his forehead.

Also, all those who are brainwashed by the Barians have a tendency to say "Barian sekai no tame ni", meaning "for (the sake of) the Barian World".

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