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See, the supernatural realm has its own laws. For ghosts, it's spells. Either written or spoken, ghosts have to obey whatever the spells say.
~ Dennis Rafkin about the Barrier Spells.

The Barrier Spells are supernatural spells which appear as Latin phrases and they featured in the 2001 supernatural horror movie Thirteen Ghosts (also known as Thir13en Ghosts).

Spirits (or ghosts as one call them) cannot cross barrier spells, as they must obey whatever a spell says because as explained by psychic Dennis Rafkin that the spiritual universe has it's own set of laws compared to the natural world.

While some barrier spells are always visible, "hidden" Barrier Spells can only be seen through Spectral Viewers. Barrier spells can be used either to contain ghosts, or as a shield against them.

The walls of the Basileus Machine as well as it's panes of Ectobar Glass had Barrier Spells etched onto them to prevent the ghosts needed to power the eldritch machinery from escaping.



  • At least one of the spells is The Lord's Prayer in Latin.
  • Dennis Rafkin often referred to the Barrier Spells as "Containment Spells".
  • Kalina Oretzia has other 2 reels containing recorded Containment Spells and "Drawing Spells".
  • They are also sometimes referred to as "Protection Spells".