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Beauty is Bad

Beauty is Bad

Hhhmmmm. Not bad... Care to dance?!
~ Mileena

Beauty is Bad is one of the popular tropes regarding villains where his/her attractive appearance contrasts his/her evil nature.


Who and what kind of villains whom characteristics fit with this trope?

Even though Beauty Equals Goodness, some villains are just gorgeous. They ooze sex appeal and carnality in a way that represents Lust as well as the lust for power that evil promises to its prospective followers. They tend to have looser sexual morals.

They are as handsome as they are arrogant (much to the heroes' annoyance). They hide their demonic soul behind the face of an angel. And they're not afraid to use their beauty, wiles, and sex appeal to seduce the hero and carry out their nefarious plans. (Okay, maybe that last Pot Hole went too far.) Their outfits tend to show more skin and have more leather, fetishist hangups, lace, on occasion, or even gorgeous and functional Femme Fatalons. Hey, what's the point of being evil if you can't do it with class? Or failing that, overdo it with style?

A hero temporarily tempted by evil tends to suddenly wear skimpier clothes and be more sexually assertive. Many fans will find them sexier this way and perhaps dread the return to prudery that will accompany their return to goodness. If the Love Interest is the initial Ms. Fanservice, then The Baroness or The Vamp has to take it to the next level, sometimes immediately.

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