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'''<u>IMPORTANT</u>'''<u>:<br />'''A villain can only truly qualify as a Big Bad if the story has multiple antagonists and is of sufficient "scope". In other words, not all stories have a Big Bad, and villains cannot be labeled Big Bads when they are the only antagonist in the story.'''<br />'''Big Bads can ONLY be also labeled as Bigger Bads when they are involved in spin-offs in which one of their followers/another villain takes the role of Big Bad. Big Bad Duumvirate and Big Bad Ensemble DO NOT count when these villain are not on equal footing in term of threat and prominence; or when one of these villains is the biggest threat for most of the story.'''</u>
'''<u>IMPORTANT</u>'''<u>:<br />'''A villain can only truly qualify as a Big Bad if the story has multiple antagonists and is of sufficient "scope". In other words, not all stories have a Big Bad, and villains cannot be labeled Big Bads when they are the only antagonist in the story.'''<br />'''Big Bads can ONLY be also labeled as Bigger Bads when they are involved in spin-offs in which one of their followers/another villain takes the role of Big Bad. Big Bad Duumvirate and Big Bad Ensemble DO NOT count when these villain are not on equal footing in term of threat and prominence; or when one of these villains is the biggest threat for most of the story.'''</u>
*'''Chaos''' in ''Final Fantasy Dissidia'' and ''Final Fantasy Theatrhythm''. He can also be considered as the Big Bad of the whole ''Final Fantasy'' multiverse, controlling all the respective primary antagonist of each game. The Bigger Bad is Shinryu, the one who caused the cycles of war.
**'''Sephiroth''' in ''Final Fantasy VII'' and it's sequels with Jenova and Hojo as the Bigger Bads.
**'''Bhunivelze''' is the overall Bigger Bad of ''Final Fantasy XIII'' and its sequel and the Big Bad of ''Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII'': His actions in the past that drives the entire series - particularly his creation of Lindzei, who would go on to destroy Pulse and make the Cocoon fal'cie.
*'''Bowser''' in the ''Super Mario Bros. ''franchise.
**'''Fawful''' in the ''Mario & Luigi'' series. The '''Dark Star'''/'''Dark Bowser''' is the Bigger Bad.
**'''Captain Syru'''  in in the ''Wario'' series.
**'''King Boo''' in the ''Luigi's Mansion'' series.
*'''King K. Rool''' (under various aliases) in the ''Donkey Kong'' series.
*'''Diablo''' in the titular videogame series.
*'''Frank Fontaine''' in ''Bioshock''.
*'''Junko Enoshima'''/'''Monokuma''' in the ''Danganrompa'' franchise.
*'''Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik''' in the ''Sonic the Hedgehog'' franchise. The Bigger Bad was debatedly '''Dark Gaia'''.
**'''Eggman Nega''' in the ''Sonic Rush'' series sharing with his ancestor Doctor Robotnik and the ''Sonic Rivals'' series as the sole Big Bad.
*'''Ganondorf'''/'''Ganon''' in the ''Legend of Zelda'' franchise, with Demise as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Dr. Wily''' in the ''Mega Man'' franchise. His actions sometimes transcend to other characters, often antagonists, in the spin-off series.
**'''Sigma''' of the'' Mega Man X'' series with '''Lumine''' as the Bigger Bad.
**'''Dr. Weil''' of the ''Mega Man Zero'' series. The Bigger Bad would be '''Omega''', as Dr. Weil seemingly holds him in far higher regard then himself, calling '''Omega the God of Destruction'''.
**'''Master Albert '''of the ''Mega Man ZX ''series. With '''Dr. Wile''' as the Bigger Bad.
** Dr. Wily's ''Battle Network'' counterpart: '''Lord Wily''' in the ''Mega Man Battle Network ''series. 
*'''Nefarious''' in the ''Ratchet & Clank ''series.
*'''WIlliam Afton/Springtrap''' in the  ''Five Nights at Freddy's ''series.
*'''Count Vlad Tepes Dracula''' in the ''Castlevania'' franchise in the original series.
**'''Satan''' in the ''Castlevania: Lords of Shadow'' reboot. Dracula in the reboot has become a Anti-Hero than a villain even though Dracula was the villain of the Mirror of Fate.
*'''Albert Wesker''' in the ''Resident Evil'' franchise, with Ozwell Edward Spencer as the Bigger Bad.
**The '''Red Queen''' in the film adaptations.
*'''Dragonlord''', the representative Big Bad of the whole'' Dragon Quest'' franchise, with '''Nokturnus''' acting as the Bigger Bad and leader of the series' villains in ''Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory''.
*'''Master Xehanort''' in the ''Kingdom Hearts'' franchise, whose many incarnations serves as the primary antagonist of the game they appear in.
*'''King Dedede''' in the ''Kirby'' Series, with Dark Matter as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Dr. Neo Cortex''' in ''Crash Bandicoot'', with Uka Uka as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Ripto''' in the classic ''Spyro'' series.
**'''Malefor''' of ''The Legend of Spyro''.
**'''Kaos''' in the ''Skylanders'' reboot.
*'''Izanami''' in the ''BlazBlue'' series.
*'''That Man''' in The ''Guilty Gears'' Series.
*'''Jaquio''' in ''Ninja Gaiden''.
*'''Alma Wade''' and '''Genevieve Aristide''' form a Big Bad Duumvirate in ''F.E.A.R.'' with Harlan Wade/The Creep the Bigger Bad.
*'''Hades''' in ''Kid Icarus'', since he caused the events of the series.
*The '''A.I. Director''' from ''Left for Dead'' given that he is the spawning of the zombies. Though The Tank is more of this to the survivors.
*'''Queen Myrrah''' in the ''Gears of War'' games. The Lambent could be considered as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Vladimir Makarov''' in the ''Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'' series, with Imran Zakhaev and General Shepherd as the Bigger Bads.
*'''Heihachi Mishima''' and '''Kazuya Mishima'''/'''Devil''' being the Big Bad Ensemble of ''Tekken''. however Heihachi's impact seems to degrece from ''Tekken 5'' and Kazuya is more of a serious villain. The Bigger Bads being  '''Ogre''' and '''Azazel''' as demonic Final Bosses.
*Since '''Soul Edge'''/'''Inferno''' and '''Soul Calibur'''/'''Elysium''' were proven equally evil, both form a Big Bad Ensemble in the ''Soul Calibur'' franchise. Algol, creator of both blades is the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Prophet of Truth''' and the '''Gravemind''' in the first ''Halo'' trilogy, with the Gravemind also a Bigger Bad.
**The Didact in the second ''Halo'' trilogy.
*'''Clockwerk''' in the ''Sly Cooper'' franchise.
*'''Zeus''' in ''God of War''.
*'''The God'''/'''The Demon'''/'''Samae'''l, worshipped by The Order, is the Bigger Bad in the ''Silent Hill'' survival horror videogame franchise.
*'''Erol''' in ''Jak & Daxter'' franchise, with the '''Dark Leader''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Mr. Dark''' in the ''Rayman'' games.
*'''Gruntilda''' in the ''Banjo & Kazooie'' games.
*'''Andross''' in ''Star Fox''.
*'''Wilfre''' from ''Drawn to Life''.
*The '''Enclave''' in the ''Fallout'' series.
*'''Xylan''', also known as '''The Corruptor''' in the ''Spore''-like video game ''Darkspore''. The Bigger Bad would be considered to be '''Zrin'''.
*'''Mundus''', along with his reboot counterpart of the same name in the ''Devil May Cry'' franchise. With '''Argosax the Chaos''' as a Bigger Bad.
*'''Sargeras''' in the ''Warcraft'' universe's background mythology.
**'''The Old Gods (C'thun, Yogg-Saron and N'zoth) for the entire ''World of Warcraft''.'''
**'''Kil'jaeden''' in ''The Burning Crusade.''
**The '''Lich King''' as '''Arthas''' in ''Wrath of the Lich King''.
**'''Deathwing''' in ''Cataclysm''.
**'''Garrosh Hellscream''' in ''Mists of Pandaria.''
**'''Archimonde''' in ''Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos'' and ''Warlords of Draenor''.
*'''Ridley''' in the ''Metroid'' series. With Mother Brain as the former Big Bad, now the Bigger Bad.
**'''Metroid Prime'''/'''Dark Samus''' in the Prime Trilogy.
*'''Orochi''' in ''King of Fighters''.
*'''Geese Howard''' in the ''Fatal Fury'' series.
*'''Sheltem''' in the classic ''Might and Magic'' games.
*'''General M. Bison''' in the ''Street Fighter'' series.
*'''Shinnok''' and '''Shao Kahn''' in ''Mortal Kombat''. The Bigger Bad is the '''One Being'''.
*'''Natla''' in the ''Tomb Raider'' games.
*The '''Combine''' in the ''Half Life'' series, especially the '''Advisors'''.
*'''GLaDOS''' in ''P0RTAL''. While '''Cave Johnson''' could be considered as the Bigger Bad due to his multiple personalities.
*Although she only made one appearance, '''Katherine Marlowe''' can be considered the Big Bad of the ''Uncharted'' franchise.
*The '''Harbinger''' in ''Mass Effect'' with the '''Illusive Man''' in a Big Bad Ensemble, and the '''Catalyst''' and the '''Leviathans''' as the Bigger Bads.
*Juno in the ''Assasin's Creed'' series.
*'''Iris Sepperin''' in ''Rosenkreuzstilette''.
*'''Scolar Visari''' in ''The Killzone Series''. However, Stahl seems to be shaping up to be this.
*'''Master Hand''' in ''Super Smash Bros''. Later on, he and '''Crazy Hand''' form a Big Bad Duumvirate. '''Tabuu''' is the Bigger Bad.
*'''Giygas''' and Porky form a Big Bad Ensemble in ''Earthbound''.
*'''Lord Recluse''' of ''City of Heroes'' is not the only evil game-in-town and certainly not the most powerful; But his constant dedication to evil made him the guiding-hand of players that decided to play as villains which made him into the most consistent and competent big name threat and easily cemented him into the game's Big Bad status.
*'''Jean Descole''' in the ''Professor Layton'' series, with the '''Voice of the Azran''' as the Bigger Bad.
**In the manga spin-offs, '''Don Paolo''', the primary antagonist fo the first trilogy, is the Big Bad, with '''Dimitri Allen''' as the Bigger Bad.
*A Big Bad Ensemble of '''Manfred von Karma''' (with '''Bansai Ichiyanagi''' as the Bigger Bad) and '''Dahlia Hawthorne''' (with '''Morgan Fey''' as the Bigger Bad) in ''Ace Attorney''.
**In ''Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney'', the crossover of both series, the '''Story Teller''' acts as the Big Bad, with '''High Inquisitor Darklaw''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Superman''' is the big bad from the ''Injustice'' series. The Bigger Bads are '''Darkseid''' and '''Trigon'''.       
*'''Tau Volantis Moon''' and others Brother Moons and the "'''Church of Unitology'''" &nbsp;are the Big Bads of the ''Dead Space'' series.
*'''Victor Donovan''' in ''Dead or Alive'' franchise.
*'''Alex Mercer''' in the ''Prototype'' series, being both the anti hero of the first game and antagonist of the second. Interestinly the real Aex Mercer was the Bigger Bad of the first game.
*'''Kagan''' in the ''Bloodrayne'' series.
*'''Marion Mallon''' in the ''Dead Rising'' franchise. She eventually shares a Big Bad Duumvirate with '''John Hemlock''', who later kills and usurps her.
*'''Sauron''', Morgoth's former lieutenant, is the Big Bad of ''The Lord of the Rings'' franchise.
**'''Morgoth''' in ''The Silmarillion'', being also the Bigger Bad of the entire Middle Earth universe.
*'''Professor Moriarty''' in the ''Sherlock Holmes'' stories, especially in the latter adaptation.
*The ''Cthulhu Mythos'' has Nyarlathotep. Azathoth is the Bigger Bad.
*Randall Flagg in Stephen King's multiverse, with the Crimson King as the Bigger Bad.
**The Crimson King himself becomes the Big Bad in King's central work ''The Dark Tower''.
*'''Lord Voldemort''' in the ''Harry Potter'' series.
*'''Superior Saturday''' in the ''The Keys to the Kingdom'' series, especially in the sixth book. '''Lord Sunday''' could be considered the Bigger Bad.
** However, the '''Dame Primus''' is the other real mastermind beneath many schemes besides Saturday, and so she is the hidden Big Bad of the whole series.
*'''Esplin 9466''' in the original ''Animorphs'', with '''Crayak''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Opal Koboi''' in the ''Artemis Fowl'' series.
*'''President Snow''' in the ''Hunger Games'' trilogy. '''President Alma Coin''' could be considered the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Authority''' in the ''His Dark Materials'' trilogy, with his treacherous lieutenant '''Metatron''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Kronos''' in the ''Percy Jackson and the Olympians'' books, with '''Gaea''' as a Bigger Bad.
*'''Aro Volturi''' in the ''Twilight Saga''.
*'''Jadis the White Witch''' in ''The Chronicles of Narnia'' (emphasized in the film adaptations), whith the Calormene god '''Tash''' as a possible Bigger Bad.
*'''Mevolent''' in the ''Skulduggery Pleasant'' series, with the '''Faceless Ones''' as the Bigger Bads.
*The '''Gaiaphage''' in the ''Gone ''series, though Caine begins as the Big Bad.
*The '''Shadow Lord''' in ''Deltora Quest''.
*The '''Nome King''' in the'' Wizard of Oz ''novels and a few adaptations; though it was the '''Wicked Witch of the West''' who is the most recognizable evildoer.
*'''Slappy''' in ''Goosebumps''.
*'''Xayide''' in ''The Neverending Story''.
*'''Emperor Palpatine''' in ''Star Wars''.
**In the Expanded Universe, '''Darth Nihilus''', '''The Son''', '''Darth Vitiate''', and '''Marka Ragnos''' are the Bigger Bads.
**Kylo Ren for the Sequel trilogy with Snoke as the Bigger Bad
*'''Dr. Evil''' in the ''Austin Powers'' series with Goldmember as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Pinhead''' in ''Hellraiser'', with '''Leviathan''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Annabelle the Doll''' for ''The Conjuring'' Series.
*'''Drayton Sawyer''' in '' The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ''and '''Luda Mae Hewitt''' in the remake and its prequel. Despite being the most iconic villain in the series, '''Leatherface''' takes orders from his senior family members; the Bigger Bad being '''Grandpa Sawyer'''.
*'''Lord Cutler Beckett''' in the ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' franchise.
*'''Ernst Stavro Blofeld''' in the ''James Bond'' franchise.
*There is a Big Bad Ensemble between '''Viktor''' and '''Marcus Corvinus''' in the ''Underworld ''series.
*'''John Kramer'''/'''Jigsaw''' in the ''Saw ''series, with '''Mark Hoffman''' taking over after Kramer's death though Kramer is the Bigger Bad posthumously.
*'''John Kreese''' in ''The Karate Kid'' series.
*'''King Ghidorah''' in many of the ''Godzilla'' films.
*'''Ghostface''' in the ''Scream'' series since the antagonists take on the identity, but '''Roman Bridger''' stick out.
*'''Ricky Chapman''' in the ''Silent Night, Deadly Night'' films with his brother, '''Billy Chapman''', as the Bigger Bad.
*The ''Ginger Snaps'' Trilogy has a Big Bad Ensemble between the titular '''Ginger''' and '''Ghost'''.
*'''Hans Gruber''' can be seen as this in the ''Die Hard'' films; despite only appearing and dying in the first film, as he is arguably the more memorable villain in the series.
*OCP in ''RoboCop''.
*'''Mary Lou Maloney''' can be seen as this in the ''Prom Night'' movies as she is the most powerful and only recuring antagonist in the series.
*'''Loki '''for the ''Marvel Cinematic Universe'' franchise, with '''Thanos''' as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''First Evil''' can be seen as the Big Bad of the entire ''Buffy''-verse, as it is the embodiment of evil itself. However, it was not revealed until very late in the story.
**The ''Buffy'' spinoff ''Angel'' has the '''Senior Partners''' as the Big Bads. 
*'''Dark Specter''' is arguably this for the entire ''Power Rangers'' franchise.
*'''Rita Repulsa''' on ''Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers''; the Bigger Bad is considered to be '''Lord Zedd'''.
*'''Lucifer''' on ''Supernatural''.
*'''Rufus Zeno''' in the first two seasons of ''House of Anubis''; after Zeno's death, '''Robert Frobisher-Smythe''' takes the role. The Bigger Bads would be '''Senkhara''' and '''Ammut'''.
*'''Megan Parker''' on ''Drake and Josh.''
*'''Nevel Papperman''' on ''iCarly.''
*The '''Governor''', and later '''Negan''', on ''The Walking Dead.''
*'''George Hawk''' from ''Big Time Rush,'' with '''Atticus Moon''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Gus''' on ''The Troop.''
*'''Gorog''' on ''Wizards of Waverly Place.''
*'''Jesse''' on ''My Babysitter is a Vampire.''
*'''Victor Krane''' on ''Lab Rats''.
*The '''Annihilator''' in ''Mighty Med''.
*'''Khan Noonien Singh''' on ''Star Trek: The Original Series.''
**'''Gul Dukat''' on ''Deep Space Nine'', with the '''Pah-Wraiths''' as the Bigger Bads.
**'''Borg Queen''' on ''Voyager.''
*The '''Werewolf Syndicite''' on ''Big Wolf on Campus''.
*''The Vampire Diaries ''had '''Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson''', as he always directly or indirectly involved in all the storyines. In recent episodes, '''Silas''', being the true original vampire.
**'''Dahlia''' in ''The Originals''.
*'''Harry Grout''' in ''Poridge''.
*The '''Cigarette-Smoking Man''' on ''The X-Files''. The '''Colonists''' might be considered a Bigger Bad.
*A Big Bad ensemble of '''The Master''' and the '''Daleks''' on ''Doctor Who'', with '''Davros''' as the Daleks' Bigger Bad and '''Rassilon''' as The Master's Bigger Bad.
**In the spin-off series ''The Sarah Jane Adventures'', the '''Trickster''' acts as the Big Bad.
**'''Abaddon''' (with '''The Beast''' as the Bigger Bad) is the Big Bad on ''Torchwood''.
*'''Son Hyuk''' from ''ATHENA:Goodness of War''.
*The '''Source of All Evil''' on ''Charmed ''as it's, as it's name says, where all evil comes from in the series' universe.
*'''Red John''' on ''The Mentalist''.
*''Breaking Bad'' had '''Gustavo Fring''', but after his death, '''Jack Welker''' takes over the role.
*'''Gerard Argent''' arugably qualifies for ''Teen Wolf'', as he is responsible for the motives and origins of the other villains on the show. '''The Beast of Gevadan''' being the Bigger Bad of the shows lore.
*'''Tywin Lannister''' in ''Game of Thrones.'' initially. The role was taken by the '''Night's King''' being the greatest threat to Westeros, including the Lannisters.
*'''Dian Lamitan''' on ''Amaya'', with '''Malandok''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Moloch''' on ''Sleepy Hollow''.
*'''CeCe Drake''' in ''Pretty Little Liars''.
===Western Animation===
*'''Count Dooku''' in the ''Star Wars: The Clone Wars'' series, with '''Darth Sidious''' and '''The Son''' as the Bigger Bads.
*The '''Shredder''' in the 1987 ''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles '' series, under variable aspects following the versions but often in a Big Bad Duumvirate with '''Krang'''.
*'''Slade''' in ''Teen Titans'', with Trigon as the Bigger Bad.
*'''The Light''' in ''Young Justice''.
*'''Atrocitus''' in the ''Green Lantern Series''.
*'''Doctor Robotnik''' in ''Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog''.
**Likewise, the more sinister version of '''Dr. Robotnik''' in the 1993 animated series thought '''Ixis Naugus''' who have taken the role had the series not been canceled.
**'''Dr. Robotnik'''  in ''Sonic Underground''.
**'''Dr. Eggman''' in ''Sonic Boom''.
*'''Megatron''' in the ''Transformers'' franchise, after his death he is reincarnated/evolved as '''Galvatron''' who takes the role. The Bigger Bad would be '''Unicron''', '''The Fallen''' and;/or the '''Quintessons'''.
**'''Scoponok'''/'''Lord Zarak''' forms a Big Bad Ensemble with Galvatron in ''Headmasters'' & later with Overlord in ''Zone''.
**'''Deathsaurus''' in ''Victory''.
**'''Magmatron''' in ''Beast Wars Neo''.
**'''Steeljaw''' in ''Robots in Disguise'' (2015).
*'''Nergal''' on ''The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy'' with the '''Boogey Man''' serving as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Aku''' on ''Samurai Jack''.
*'''Dan''' from ''Dan Vs.'' with '''Imposter Dan''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Mandark''' on ''Dexter's Laboratory''.
*'''Mojo Jojo''' from ''The Powerpuff Girls''. HIM serves as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Vilgax''' in the ''Ben 10'' franchise as a whole. The Bigger Bad would be '''Diagon''', although a rare example of a Bigger Bad defeated by the Big Bad.
*'''Professor Pericles''' on ''Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated''. Fought in the first season, he was in a Big Bad Ensemble with '''Mayor Jones''' due to him being the true mastermind behind the plot and later in Season 2, Pericles is in a Big Bad Duumvirate with '''Mr. E'''. The Bigger Bad is the '''Evil Entity'''.
*'''Father''' on ''Codename: Kids Next Door.'' A good example of the Bigger Bad would be '''Grandfather'''. 
*The '''Ice King''' on ''Adventure Time'', with '''The Lich''' as the Bigger Bad. Though, this seems to have flipsided as the Lich is shaping up to be the Big Bad.
*The '''Kanker Sisters''' on ''Ed, Edd & Eddy'', with '''Eddy's Brother''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Van Kleiss''' on ''Generator Rex''. The Bigger Bad would be '''Consortium'''.
*'''Di Lung''', '''Katz''', and '''Le Quack''' from ''Courage the Cowardly Dog''.
*'''Miss Censordoll''' on ''Morel Orel''.
*'''Firelord Ozai''' on ''Avatar: The Last Airbender''. The Bigger Bad would be his ancestor '''Firelord Sozin''' since he caused the war.
**'''Vaatu''' In ''The Legend of Korra'', being also the Bigger Bad of the ''The Last Airbender'' universe as a whole.
*'''Vlad Masters'''/'''Vlad Plasmius''' on ''Danny Phantom''. [[w:c:villains:Pariah Dark|Pariah Dark]] is the Bigger Bad.
*'''Finbarr Calamitous''' on ''Jimmy Neutron''.
*'''Plankton''' on ''Spongebob Squarepants''. With the '''Flying Dutchman''' as the Bigger Bad.
*''Fairly Odd Parents'' has a Big Bad Ensemble between '''Denzel Crocker''', '''Vicky''', and '''Anti-Cosmo'''.
*The '''Almighty Tallests''' in ''Invader Zim''.
*'''Cheif''' and '''Lok''' form a Big Bad Ensemble in ''Tak and the Power of Juju''
*'''Rancid Rabbit''' in ''CatDog''.
*'''The Sorcerer''' on ''Randy Cunningham''.
*''''Lil Gideon''' on ''Gravity Falls''. However as the most powerful being, '''Bill Cipher''' probably counts as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Huntsman''' on ''American Dragon: Jake Long'' with the '''Dark Dragon''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Heinz Doofenshmirtz''' on ''Phineas and Ferb'', with '''Aloyse von Roddenstein''' and '''Mitch''' as the Bigger Bads.
*''Kim Possible'' has a Big Bad Ensemble with Dr. Drakken and Monkey Fist.
*'''NegaDuck''' on ''Darkwing Duck'', with Taurus Bulba as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Diesel 10''' on ''Thomas and the Magic Railroad'', ''Misty Island Rescue'' and ''Day of the Diesels''. Well as '''Diesel''', in ''Thomas and Friends'', '''Spencer''' in ''Hero of the Rails'', and '''George the Steamroller''' in ''Steamroller''.
*'''Chris McLean''' on the ''Total Drama'' series. From the third season forward, '''Ezekiel''' can be considered the show's Bigger Bad. 
*The '''Hacker''' on ''Cyberchase''. Though, '''Ledge''' would be the Bigger Bad.
*'''Mr. Burns''' on ''The Simpsons''.
*''Futurama ''has a Big Bad Ensemble between '''Mom''' and '''Richard Nixon'''.
*Though one of the main characters, '''Eric Cartman''' can be established as the Big Bad in ''South Park'', given that he is the most frequent (and often the most dangerous) foil faced by the protagonists. In ''South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut'', '''Saddam Hussein''' is the Big Bad.
*Even though each season has it's own main villain, '''Shendu''' is definitely the Big Bad in ''Jackie Chan Adventures''.
*'''Senator Skull''' in ''TWF'' while '''Bucks Gazillion''' acts as a Bigger Bad.
*''Family Guy'' intially has Stewie Griffin, but over time, he became less evil and '''Carter Pewterschmidt''' eventually took the role. Ironically, Carter also became more comical and light-hearted when he took the role.
*'''No Heart''' to the ''Care Bears'' with the Evil Spirit and Dark Heart, antagonists of the first two films, acting as the Bigger Bads.
**'''Grizzle''' in the updated version.
*'''Duke Sigmund Igthorn''' to the ''Gummi Bears''.
*'''Pete''' is arguably the Big Bad of Mickey Mouse's section of the Disney universe.
** The '''Phantom Blot''' is a strong candidate too, particularly in the comics.
** The Duck universe has Magical De Spell,Flintheart Glomgold,and Grandpa Beagle.
*'''Skeletor''' in the ''Masters of the Universe'' cartoons (and other media as well). Hordak is the Big Bad in ''Shera'', with '''Horde Prime''' the Bigger Bad.
* ''The Venture Bros'' has an Big Bad Ensemble of '''Phantom Limb''' and the '''Monarch''', but Phantom Limb is more evil and competent. The '''Sovereign''' is the Bigger Bad as he is the leader of the '''Guild of Calamatous Intent'''.
*'''Barry Dylan''' gradually became this in ''Archer''. Katya Kasanova later takes the role and Barry became a dragon instead.
*''Xiaolin Showdown'' has a Big Bad Ensemble of '''Chase Young''', '''Wuya''' and '''Hannibal Roy Bean'''.
**The sequal has '''Chase Young''' as the antagonist with him taking center stage and '''Wuya''' is still competing with him.
*The '''Overlord''' on ''Ninjago''.
*'''Ed Wuncler, Sr.''' on ''The Boondocks'' with '''Colonel H. Stinkmeaner''' as the Bigger Bad.
*Originally '''Lord Betrayus''' in ''Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures'', but later revealed to be '''Apex''' as he has an even more important part of the plot than Betrayus.
*'''Major Nixel''' in the ''Mixels'' franchise.
*'''Makuta Teridax''' is the main Big Bad in the ''BIONICLE'' series. '''Pridak''' was considered as the Bigger Bad since his involvement of overthrowing the Great Spirit before Teridax do as well as causing the main storyline to occur, thus making him the true villain of the series.
*The '''God Hand''' from ''Berserk'' are the ringleaders of the Apostles and four of the previous members are responsible for Griffith becoming Femto.
**The '''Idea of Evil''' is the Bigger Bad to the '''God Hand''''s Big Bad.
*'''Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott''' is the prime Big Bad in ''Date A Live'' series. While he was relatively out of the picture for the first four volumes or so (the entirety of the anime's first season minus his involvement with Mana and Origami's new weapons), once he makes his appearance, it's made clear that he harbours ill intent towards the Spirits, and slowly overrides the story's basic Excuse Plot.
**'''Isaac Westcott''' also is the Bigger Bad in ''Ars Install''. In the second game of the franchise, he has more then a background where he observes the conflict between Marina and Ratatoskr. He created one of the first Irregular of the history, is the reason why Marina tried to destroy Fraxinus, and was almost indirectly responsible for the destruction of Tenguu City. He has his Big Bad post only in the original story.
**'''Minerva Liddell''' in ''Date A Strike''. She began her introduction as a minor character that first appeared in a flashback. However, she has become the biggest threat throughout the spin-off after the scientist Edgar F. Carroll hired her to retrieve the Ashcroft Series units that were stolen by 3 SSS Wizards who were trying to save Artemisia of DEM's claws. Edgar was about to discover that evil is not toy, and that he would regret that he had condemned all the poor lives that were around him. Once she made her appearance in Volume 3, Minerva gradually slowly replaces Excuse Plot of the story. After she had stolen a CR-unit of the Ashcroft-Series, she simply betrayed Edgar after she achieved what she always wanted, and quickly became the true main antagonist of the spin-off.
**'''Edgar F. Caroll''' is the Big Bad to ''Date A Strike'' spin-off. His actions took account in the whole spin-off. He left Artemisia in a coma for 3 years for his own purposes. However, on volume 4, was discovered he was Minerva's pawn.
**'''Marina Arusu''' is the main antagonist in ''Date A Live Ars Install'' and is considered to the main Big Bad. But she is actually being manipulated by Isaac Westcott.
**'''Rinne Sonogami''' as the Big Bad in the first game of the franchise.
*'''Emperor Charles zi Britannia''' and his son, '''Prince Schneizel El Britannia''' form a Big Bad Ensemble in ''Code Geass''.
*'''Doctor Eggman''' and later '''Dark Oak''' in ''Sonic X.''
*'''Satan''' in '''Devilman''' with '''God''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Frieza''' in the entire ''Dragon Ball'' series since he indirectly caused the events of the series, and the series was to originally ended on Namek after his defeat. His DNA was also used to create '''Cell'''. He is also the most recurring villain in the franchise and main villain of most video games later returns in Dragon Ball Super having an increase of power. '''Beerus''' could be seen as a Bigger Bad, but he is not a true villain.
**'''King Piccolo'''/'''Piccolo'''  would be considered the Big Bad for the classic ''Dragon Ball ''series, as he controlled one of the previous major villains and had the most Sagas associated with him.
**Baby in ''Dragon Ball GT'' as his role in the series parallels Frieza's. '''Syn Shenron''' is the Bigger Bad.
*'''Naraku''' in ''Inuyasha''.
*'''Dio Brando'''/'''Diego Brando''', the first and foremost villain of the ''JoJo's Bizarre Adventures'' manga, who influences the entire plot, even when not in charge or after his definite demise. '''Kars''' is the Bigger Bad.
** '''Funny Valentine''' in Part 7:''Steel Ball Run''. '''Diego "Dio" Brando''' was working for him.
*The '''Undertaker''' is shaping up to this in the ''Black Butler'' Manga.
**'''Angela Blanc''' and '''Ash Landers''' form a Big Bad Duumvirate in the ''Black Butler'' Anime.
*'''Light Yagami''' in ''Death Note'', unusually since he's the protagonist, with both '''Ryuk''' and the '''Shingami King''' as the Bigger Bads.
*'''Father''' in ''Fullmetal Alchemist''.
**'''Dante''' plays the role in the first anime series.
*'''Tobi''' and '''Madara Uchiha''' form a Big Bad Duumvirate in the ''Naruto'' franchise, Tobi enacting the plan that Madara devised. '''Kaguya Otsutsuki''' and her enforcer '''Zetsu''' serve as the Bigger Bads and final antagonists.
*Most likely '''Marshall D. Teach''' in ''One Piece'', although currently he is in an Ensemble with '''Akainu'''. Which one is the biggest evil of the two has yet to be revealed. The Bigger Bads are the '''Five Star Elders''' and '''Kaido'''.
*'''Gyokuen Ren''' from ''Magi'' as the Big Bad. '''Ill Ilah''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Ragyo Kiryuin''' in ''Kill La Kill''.
*'''Asura''' can be considered as the Big Bad in ''Soul Eater'', being the most prominent, powerful and dangerous villain of the series.
*'''Rinichiro Hagire''' in ''Deadman Wonderland''.
*'''Zeref''' in ''Fairy Tail'', with Acnologia as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Sōsuke Aizen''' and later '''Yhwach''', who also counts as a Bigger Bad, in the ''Bleach'' franchise.
*'''Alucard''' in ''Rosario+Vampire''.
*The '''Major''' in the ''Hellsing'' manga and OVA series.
**'''Incognito''' in the anime adaptation.
*The '''Black King''' in ''Drifters'' with '''Easy''' as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Mage of the Beginning''' in ''Negima! Magister Negi Magi''.
*'''Ruby Eye Shabranigdo''' for the whole ''Slayers'' franchise.
*'''Zorc Necrophades''', mostly acting through his avatar '''Ryo Bakura''', in ''Yu Gi Oh!''.
**'''Nightshroud''' in the ''Yu-GiOh! GX'' anime. '''Tragoedia''' in the ''Yu-Gi-Oh! GX'' manga.
**'''Z-ONE''' in ''Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D''s.
*'''Creed Diskenth''' in ''Black Cat''.
*'''Vearn''' in ''Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai''. Although equal in power and influence, '''Velther '''counts as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Millennium Earl''' in the ''D.Gray-man'' franchise however he is in a Big Bad Ensemble against '''Nea Walker the 14th''' who is trying to take over his host Allen the protagonist and the '''Apocryphos''' the "Third side of War" as well as a living innocence, so far he's losing ground to both of them.
*'''Bernkastel''' and '''Lambdadelta''' form a Big Bad Ensemble in ''Umineko'', restarting time in every game and playing Beatrice (who seemed at first to be the Big Bad). Featherine Augustus Aurora is the true Bigger Bad.
*'''Miyo Takano''' in ''Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni'' and ''Kai''. Though, '''Tokyo''' and '''Nomura''' would be the Bigger Bads.
*'''Brian J. Mason''' throughout the entire ''Bubblegum Crisis'' series, with '''Quincy''' as the Bigger Bad in the first series and '''Galatea''' as the Bigger Bad in the 2040 series.
*The closest thing ''Puella Magi Madoka Magica'' has to a Big Bad is '''Kyubey''', who hides facts from the Magical Girls and does not care about mankind.
*'''Roa/SHIKI''' in ''Tsukihime''.
*The '''Night of Wallachia''', then '''White Len''', in ''Melty Blood''. It has taken over by the '''Dust of Osiris''' in ''Actress Again''.
*Kotomine and Gilgamesh in Fate/Stay Night and ''Fate/Zero''.
*In ''Heaven's Feel'', the Big Bad is '''Zouken Matou''', although both '''Kotomine''' and '''Dark Sakura''' could also be seen as this.
*'''Souren Araya''' in ''Kara no Kyoukai''. Notably, he was confronted about halfway through the series and never heard from again.
*'''Myotismon''' in ''Digimon Adventure'' and its continuation ''Digimon Adventure 02''. '''Apocalymon''' counts as the Bigger Bad in ''Digimon Adventure''.
**'''D-Reaper''' in ''Digimon Tamers''.
**'''Lucemon''' in ''Digimon Frontier''.
**'''Akihiro Kurata''' in ''Digimon Data Squad''.
**'''Quartzmon''' in ''Digimon Fusion''.
*'''Moo''' in ''Monster Rancher''.
*The '''Swamp Witch''' in the ''Queen's Blade'' series.
*The '''Beast Titan''' is shaping up to be this for ''Attack on Titan''.
*'''King Dedede''' in ''Kirby: Right Back At Ya!'' sends monsters after Kirby in nearly every episode. The evil entity whom he buys the monsters from, '''Nightmare/Lord Nightmare''', is the Bigger Bad.
*The ''Pretty Cure'' series, as it spanned for various iterations, have a lot of these:
**The '''Dark King''' of the Dusk Zone in ''Futari wa Pretty Cure'' and its sequel ''Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart''.
*'''Go Hojo '''in ''Initial D''. He was using other teams throughout Kanto (from the Myogi NightKids to Sidewinder; excluding the '''Akagi RedSuns''', '''Akina SpeedStars''', '''Impact Blue''', '''Kyoko Iwase''' of the Northern Saitama Alliance, or '''Shinji Inui'''; but also including the Imposter Project D and his own older brother '''Rin''') to defeat '''Project D''', '''Takumi Fujiwara''', or '''Keisuke''' or '''Ryosuke Takahashi''' in a race, all of whom are defeated by the likes of Project D.
*'''Director Kakuzawa''' in ''Elfen Lied'',.
*'''Tomura Shigaraki''' in ''My Hero Academia.''
*'''Sato Matsuzaka''' in ''Happy Sugar Life''.
*'''Darkseid''' to the entire ''DC'' universe The Bigger Bads being '''Herga,The Great Evil Beast''' ,'''Empty Hand''' ,and '''Yuga Khan'''.
*'''Lex Luthor''' ,'''General Zod''',and '''Brainiac''' in ''Superman with Black Zero ''as the bigger bad''.''
**'''Alexander Luthor, Jr.''' in ''Infinte Crisis''.
**'''Mongul''' in the Man who has everything and other bronze age arcs.
*'''The Joker''' and '''Ra's Al Ghul''' in ''Batman''.
**'''Derek Powers''' in ''Batman Beyond''.
**'''Barbatos '''in ''Dark Nights Metal''.
**'''The Batman who Laughs''' in the titular''' '''mini-series'''.'''
*'''Ares '''and''' Circe''' in ''Wonder Woman''.
*'''Doctor Sivana''' and '''Mister Mind''' in ''Shazam''.
*'''Morgan Le Fey''' in the Trinity series and Etrigan the Demon.
*'''Deathstroke''' and '''Trigon''' in ''The Teen Titans''.
*'''Black Manta '''and''' Ocean Master''' in ''Aquaman''.
*'''Tobias Whale''' in ''Black Lightning''.
*'''Sinestro''' in ''Green Lantern''.
**'''Krona in '''''war on the lanterns''.
**'''Anti-Moniter''' in crisis on infinite earths.
**'''Nekron''' in Blackest Night.
**'''Volthoom''' in ''The Rise of the Third Army'' and first Lantern Crossover.
**'''Relic''' in The Anonamly and Lights-out.
**'''Atrocitus''' in ''Rage of the Red Lanterns''.
*'''Vandal Savage''' in ''Justice League''.
*'''Ozymandias''' in ''Watchmen''.
*The '''Emerald Empress''' in ''Legion of Superheroes''.
*'''Professor Zoom''' ,'''Gorilla Grodd''',and '''Captain Cold''' in ''Flash''.
*The '''Brain''' in ''Doom Patrol''.
*'''General Wade Eiling''' in ''Captain Atom''.
*'''Doctor Manhatten''' in Doomsday Clock
*'''Merlyn the Archer ''' in ''Green Arrow''.
*'''Richard Dragon''' in the Jeff Lemire/Andrea Sorrentino run on the Green Arrow comic series.
*'''Anton Arcane''' in ''Swamp Thing''.
*'''Holocaust''' in ''Static''.
*'''The First of the Fallen''' in ''Hellblazer.''
*'''Chronos''' in The Atom.
*'''Ultraman''' in the ''Forever Evil'' series with '''Blight '''and '''Alexander Luthor, Sr'''. as the Bigger Bads.
*'''Thanos''' to the entire ''Marvel'' universe, the Bigger Bads being '''The One Below All''', '''Lady Death''' and '''Oblivion'''.
*'''Norman Osborn'''/'''Green Goblin''' and '''Doctor Octopus''' in ''Spider-Man''.With Knull as the bigger bad.
**'''Morlun''' in ''Spder-verse ''and'' Spider-Geddon ''with '''Solus''' as the bigger bad.
**'''Tyler Stone''' in Spider-Man 2099.
*'''Magneto''' and '''Apocalypse''' to the ''X-Men''.
**'''Mister Sinister '''in a couple of arcs.
**'''Vulcan in '''War on the kings.
**'''Romulus''' to ''Wolverine''.
**'''Bastion''' in ''Messiah Complex and Second Coming''.
**'''Stryfe''' in ''X-Force,Messiah War,Vendetta,and X-cution Song''.
**'''Cameron Hodge''' in ''X-factor and Phalaix convenient''.
**'''Mad Jim Jaspers''' in ''Excalibur''.
**'''Black Box''' in ''Deadpool''.
**'''Seline in '''''New mutants and Nekrosha''.
*'''Red Skull''' in ''Captain America''.
*'''Loki''' to ''Thor'' with Surtur as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Gorr the God Butcher''' in the 2016 god of Thunder series,
*'''The Mandarin ,Justin Hammer,'''and '''Ezekel Stane''' to ''Iron Man''.
*'''The Leader''' to ''Hulk''.
*'''Red king in '''''Planet Hulk'''''.'''
*'''Mephisto''' in ''Ghost Rider''.
*'''Maximus''' in the ''Inhumans''.
*'''Kingpin''' in ''Daredevil''.
*'''The Beast''' of the Hand in ''Shadowland''.
*'''Doctor Doom''' in ''Fantastic Four'' with '''Galactus''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Annnihilus''' in ''Annihilation'' and ''the Thanos Trilogy''.
*'''Dormammu''' in ''Doctor Strange'' with Chthon and Shuma Gorath as the Bigger Bads.
*'''Ultron''' in ''Avengers''.
**'''Kang the Conqueror in '''''The Celestial Madonna Saga'', The ''Last Avengers Story'', ''The Crossing'' and ''The Kang War.''
**'''Baron Zemo''' and '''Baron Zemo II''' when leading the Masters of Evil in a couple of arcs.
**'''Morgan Le Fay''' to Spider-Woman.
**'''Supreame Intelligence''' to Captain Marvel
*'''Klaw''' and '''Erik Killmonger''' in ''Black Panther''.
*'''Jigsaw''' in ''Punisher''.
*'''Beyonder''' in ''Secret Wars''.
*'''Attuma''' in ''Namor''.
*'''Grant Ward''' in ''Shield'' series.
*'''Amatsu-Mikaboshi''' in ''Hercules'' and Ares in the last series.
*'''Empress Veranke''' in ''Secret invasion''.
*'''Herr Kessler''' in The ''Ultimates''.
*'''Geoffery Wilder''' in ''Runaways''.
*The '''High Evolutionary''' in the Evolutionary War and the ''Spider-Man: Unlimited'' series.
*'''Jason Wynn, Malebolgia''', '''Mammon,'''and''' Satan''' in ''Spawn''.
*'''Ogdru-Jahad''' in the ''Hellboy'' Series.
*'''Toyo Harada''' in Valiant Comics.
*'''Shredder''' in The ''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'' franchise.
*'''Thragg''' in Invincble.
*'''Kenneth Irons''' in Witchblade.
*'''The Angelous''' in The Darkness.
*'''Mr. Gone''' in The Maxx.
*'''Overlord''','''Cyberface''','''Emperor Kurr''',and '''Damien Darklord''' in Savage Dragon.
*'''Lord Hikiji''' in Usagi Yojimbo.
*'''The Governor''','''Negan''','''Alpha''',and '''Beta''' in the Walking Dead.
*'''Noah Adam Mahn''' to the ''Extinctioners''.
*'''Judge Death''' to ''Judge Dredd''.
*'''Chaos''' and '''Dracula''' in Vampirella.
*'''The Octopus''' in ''the Spirit''.
*'''God''' In ''Preacher.''
*'''The Countess''' in Chasaty: Theater in Pain.
*'''Lucifer''' in Chaos Comics
*'''Gideon Graves''' in the ''Scott Pilgrim'' series.
*'''Lu-sho''' from ''Foldabots.''
*'''Chef Piggy''' in ''Cooking with Chef Piggy''.
*The '''Hooded''' in the graphic novels ''Bone'',both its  prequels and sequels.
*'''Dr. Eggman'''/'''Dr. Ivo Robotinik'''/'''Robotink Prime''' in the ''Sonic'' comics.
**'''Dimitri''', the original '''Enerjak''', orginally in the ''Knuckle''s spin-off series.
**'''Doctor Finitevus''' in ''Enerjak Reborn'' and Bigger Bad to Dmitri.
====European Comics====
*'''Rastapopoulos''' in ''The Adventures of Tintin''.
*'''Julius Caesar''' to ''Asterix''.
*'''Darkhell''' in ''Les Légendaires'' (''The Legendaries''), with Anathos as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Nazo''' in the ''Sonic: Nazo'' series.
*'''Count Vile''' in the ''Press Start'' movies and YouTube videos.
*'''Xykon''' in the ''Order of the Stick'' webcomic.
*'''Slender Man''' for Creepypasta with Zalgo as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Scarlet King''' in SCP Foundation.
*'''Drip Tiberius Rat''' in ''Jack'', with Satan as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Destioss''' in ''Positoss'', with The Shadow as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Auditor''' in ''Madness Combat''.
*'''HABIT''' in ''EverymanHybrid'', with the '''Slender Man''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Patrick Andersen''' in ''MLandersen0'', with the '''Slender Man''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''Alex Kralie''' in ''MarbleHornets'', with the '''Operator''' as the Bigger Bad.
*The '''Observer''' in ''TribeTwelve'', with the '''Slender Man''' as the Bigger Bad.
*'''The Devil''' in the webcomic ''Sinfest''.
*'''Count Sigeeyai''' on the ''Fellow in the Coat ''website.
* '''Malcom Hargrove''' in ''Red Vs Blue''.
* '''Lilita Morgan''' in ''Carmilla: The Series''.
* '''Cinder Fall''' in RWBY.
* '''Lord English/Caliborn''' in Homestuck.
===Religion and Mythology===
*'''The Devil''' in the Bible and the Christian religion in general.
*'''Iblis''' in the Muslim religion.
*'''Cronus''' in Greek/Roman mythology. The Bigger Bad would be '''Typhon''' or '''Gaia'''.
*'''Loki''' was originally a trickster god. But as time went on, he was eventually regarded as the Big Bad of Norse mythology, responsible of the apocalyptic battle of Ragnarok. The Bigger Bad would be '''Niohoggr'''.
*'''Apep'''/'''Apophis''' in the original Egypian mythology. As time went on, as more and more invaders came from the desert, the desert god '''Set''' took his place as the Big Bad of Egyptian religion.
*'''Izanami no Mikoto''' in Japanese mythology with '''Amatsu-Mikabushi''' as the Bigger Bad.
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Emperor-Palpatine.jpg|Emperor Palpatine (Dath Sidious) as the major "Big Bad" of the ''Star Wars'' universe.
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Villainous Overview

The Big Bad

The Big Bad is the most prominent, powerful, and dangerous villain in a story, and is often responsible for most of the conflict that drive the plot. If there is a hierarchy of villains, the Big Bad is at the very top of it, and may be in control of most or all of the heroes' other enemies. Sometimes, the Big Bad can work from behind the scenes. However, as long as the most prominent antagonists of a story work for someone who was present all along, or who is setting their course of action, then this someone is the Big Bad.

In some cases, there may be a Bigger Bad, who is more powerful and/or evil than the Big Bad, but is much less involved in the plot and only appears briefly, maintaining the Big Bad as the most prominent and recurring villain in the story. Although sometimes Bigger Bads can act as the final boss of the story.The Big Bad can also be the Heavy but often times it is his right-hand or enforce to make them more mysterious.

There are also the case of the Big Bad Duumvirate when two villains of equal importance form a team and share the role, and the Big Bad Ensemble when several villains of equal importance further their goals on their own, usually in a competition.They are Also the Overarching Villains for the Myth arc as they appear the most times.

If there is a villain-based franchise about the Big Bad appearing the most then they are the Big Bad and villainous protagonist.

A villain can only truly qualify as a Big Bad if the story has multiple antagonists and is of sufficient "scope". In other words, not all stories have a Big Bad, and villains cannot be labeled Big Bads when they are the only antagonist in the story.
Big Bads can ONLY be also labeled as Bigger Bads when they are involved in spin-offs in which one of their followers/another villain takes the role of Big Bad. Big Bad Duumvirate and Big Bad Ensemble DO NOT count when these villain are not on equal footing in term of threat and prominence; or when one of these villains is the biggest threat for most of the story.

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