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Bullet Bill Blasters

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Bill Blasters, also called "Turtle Cannon", "Cannon" and "Bullet Bill Blasters", are ???

are what Bullet Bills usually come out of. There are varieties of these too which shoot out a specific Bullet Bill.

Bill Blasters

Just like Bullet Bills these are black in color too. A unique aspect of every Bill Blaster variation is that none of them will fire if anyone is near them.

Bombshell Blasters

These fire Bombshell Bills and like them are also gold in color.

Banzai Bill Blasters

These are black in color and fire the huge Banzai Bills.


These are double-sided Bullet Bill Blasters which are also black in color.

Skull Box

These are where Torpedo Teds come from. As their name implies they have a white skull on their sides and is a box.