The Biographical Channel is a television channel that appeared in the TV special "Channel Chasers" from The Fairly OddParents. It is a clearly parody of educational channels such as the History Channel and National Geographic. It broadcasts the program "Dictator Week", which is a reference to channels' special features such as Shark Week and the many World War 2-based programs these channels tend to run. This program educates its audience to become dictators.



Future A.J. preparing to use the time belt to travel into the past.

20 years in the future, A.J. had prepared a Time Belt to use. Chester and A.J., who had grown into buff muscular rebels, were racing through the ruins of Dimmsdale on a hover board while a mysterious masked man chased them. They fired lasers from devices strapped to their hands at each other, destroying much of the damaged city as they do this, including Timmy's old house, the head of a statue of Chompy the Goat, Dimmsdale Elementary School (Chester and A.J. destroyed it intentionally), and Chester's trailer while Bucky McBadbat was still inside and sitting on the toilet. The masked man pleaded to Chester and A.J. to give up, but they believed it is a trap. Chester stayed behind and tried to stall the masked man, holding his father's prized bat, but the masked man easily dispatched him and zapped him with a laser, freezing Chester in stasis. A.J. had gotten ahead, and managed to make it to his old house where he completed a time belt so that he could go into the past and prevent the bad future from ever happening. But before he could get underway however, the masked man froze A.J. and took the belt from him. A robed figure appeared behind him, who gloated about having the time belt to use for her own power. The robed woman pulled her hood back to reveal it was Vicky, now the Supreme Ruler of the World (she was later seen in attire similar to dictators like Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, and Joseph Stalin). She sent the masked man back in time to prevent Timmy from stopping her.

Timmy uses the elements from Maho Mushi to cause havoc in Dimmsdale.

Back in the past, sixteen year old Vicky was preparing a backpack full of torture items for when she babysitted Timmy. She laughed about being the Supreme Ruler of Hating Timmy, and left to go babysit him, while a news editorial by Chet Ubetcha began airing on the TV. He was warning adults about violent TV and how it was affecting kids. Chet particularly blamed a program called "Maho Mushi", a Japanese anime-type fighting show resembling Dragon Ball Z. Timmy had an idea to help this conception when he wished for a spaceship known as the Kid Crusher (a parody of The Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films), from the program into his world and flied it around Dimmsdale, raining destruction and causing widespread panic on the streets below as Wanda became unsure of what Timmy was doing and told him that watching dangerous stunts on TV is one thing, but doing them in the real-world seems very dangerous. When he started to crash, he wished himself into a "Banzai Bubble" from his Maho Mushi cards and then started plummeting toward his Dad's office building. Inside, Mr. Turner was on hard work cleaning his office, and was about to win the cleanest office award when Timmy came crashing in, bounced around the office, completely trashing the place before bouncing back out, leaving a shocked Mr. Turner behind, who was even more horrified when the boss came in, saw the office trashed, and immediately gave the award to his arch-rival and next door neighbor, Sheldon Dinkleberg, much to Mr. Turner's dismay. Elsewhere, Mrs. Turner was about to sell Billy Joel a glass house (a reference to his album Glass houses), when Timmy collided into it causing it to shatter, just moments before the transaction was to be completed. All that remains now was a pile of broken glass. Mrs. Turner hanged her head in disappointment, and went away saying "I'll get a broom".

Running through the streets, Mr. and Mrs. Turner bumped into each other while looking for Timmy after having their jobs ruined, the cause of their problems. It didn't take long before he came to them, landing on top of both of them before his Banzai Bubble popped. Mr. and Mrs. Turner stared at Timmy angrily after Timmy fell to the ground and was about to be punished, while something happened in a nearby alleyway. A green light and electrical sparked fill the alley, and the masked man from the future appeared. He spied on Timmy, who was being dragged away by his enraged parents. Before he could get out of the alley though, two police officers pulled into the alley. The masked man jumped into a nearby dumpster and hided, but the cops came by and sat on the dumpster so they could talk about life and enjoy donuts and coffee for "hours and hours on end".


Timmy getting in trouble with his parents after ruining their jobs.

Meanwhile at Timmy's house, Mr. and Mrs. Turner scolded Timmy for ruining both of their jobs and mimicking a violent television program after they discovered that all of the violence that Timmy imitated were all from Maho Mushi. Mr. and Mrs. Turner told Timmy to not watch Maho Mushi anymore and watch an educational program, like "Dictator Week" (a parody of World War II History) on the Biographical Channel (a parody of the History Channel), but Timmy refused. This made Mr. and Mrs. Turner angry when they realized that they couldn't trust Timmy to not mimic television, and therefore they couldn't trust Timmy with television at all and so, they ground Timmy and took away his TV privileges, and hired Vicky to watch him and made sure he was forbidden to watch television while Mr. and Mrs. Turner went out. Before Mr. and Mrs. Turner could leave, Timmy begged his parents not to leave him with Vicky, and that she was evil. Mr. and Mrs. Turner briefly suspected something about Vicky, but they shrugged it off after Vicky showered them with cheap gifts she got. Mr. and Mrs. Turner ran off to gloat about their gifts to Dinkleberg. After Mr. and Mrs. Turner left the house, Vicky began to chase Timmy into his room with a flamethrower. While doing that, Timmy barricaded his door behind him to prevent Vicky from coming in, and then sarcastically asked his fairy godparents what he should do now that his parents took away his TV privileges. They took the hint, and poofed up Timmy a television so Timmy could watch television again. However, Wanda still scolded Timmy about disobeying his parents (even though they didn't listen to him about Vicky), so Timmy decided that he wasn't watching TV if he was in the TV while Cosmo and Wanda stayed in Timmy's room to make sure that Vicky didn't come in to see what Timmy was doing without disobeying his parents, he wished for a remote that allowed him to go inside TV. Timmy explored a few channels, first a cartoon about the future called the "The Futurellis", (a parody of The Jetsons), then a cartoon called "Carpet Critters", (a parody of fellow Nicktoon program The Rugrats), and then a cartoon called "Heavy Hal", (a parody of Fat Albert). Even going so far as using a parody of the pooperscooper. Cosmo and Wanda watched Timmy as he interacted with the TV programs he explored, when Vicky came and tried to bust down Timmy's door. Cosmo disguised himself as Timmy and did a bad job at hiding the fact that Timmy was trying to sneak in and watched television again in his room. Vicky took a photograph of "Timmy" next to the TV and decided to tell on Timmy.

Outside of Timmy's house, the masked man was stalking Timmy. He mistaked Cosmo for Timmy at first, and is then blinded by the reflection of light from a plaque that Vicky gave Mr. Turner, who was showing it off to Dinkleberg. Sheldon pulled out an even brighter plague that nearly blinded Mr. Turner and melt part of his clothes. Mrs. Turner got a call from Vicky, who said that Timmy not only immediately turned on the television after they left, but also caused a variety of other destructive events around the house such as breaking the vase, shredding the family pictures, burning the piano, and writing "My Parents Stink" and "Dinkleberg Rulz" on the living room walls that were really caused by Vicky herself. Mr. and Mrs. Turner became so angry they erupted in a nuclear explosion, blowing the top off Dinkleberg's house off as they shouted Timmy's name. Vicky was satisfied with her dirty work as she said that Timmy would be in so much trouble, and ran off to get her camera so she could record Mr. and Mrs. Turner.


Timmy journeys into television and meets Jonny Hunt.

Back inside TV, Timmy was in another cartoon called "Jonny Hunt", (a parody of Jonny Quest). Timmy was happy that the adults in that program would allow a 10 year old boy like him to go on dangerous missions, but not without giving him a dangerous weapon first. Timmy took the rocket launcher they gave him back with him to the real world so that he could show Cosmo and Wanda. Timmy returned to the real world and showed Cosmo and Wanda the rocket launcher he got from television. When Wanda saw that Timmy brought a dangerous weapon back to the real world, she reminded him he could get hurt, but Timmy didn't think so and says, "Not as long as you guys are around." But Cosmo remarked that they wouldn't always be around and Wanda shushed him. Timmy asked Cosmo and Wanda what did "they won't always be around" mean, Cosmo became nervous and hided in the shower, but Timmy flushed the toilet to get Cosmo out of the shower and he landed in the toilet. Timmy was curious to what Cosmo meant though, so Cosmo told Timmy about a story called "The Wands and the Wings" where he holded up a green sock puppet and a pink sock puppet, but Wanda told Cosmo it was the wrong kind of speech and explains to Timmy that Fairy Godparents were only assigned to kids who needed them most to which Timmy agreed with such as his parents were always busy and Vicky was evil, but Wanda explained the real reason about what Cosmo had said.

Wanda poofed up a movie screen and it showed a little blond girl receive fairies, disguised as two pet hamsters. However, when the girl grew up, she no longer believed in magic and no longer needed fairies, the fairies were called back to Fairy World and the hamsters were replaced with normal ones. Wanda explained that the length godparents spends with their godchildren depends on how much their godchild believes in them, but they'd eventually had to leave when Timmy became an adult. This upseted Timmy when he realized that he would one day forget all the adventures he had with Cosmo and Wanda. To make matters worse, Vicky burned down Timmy's barricaded door with a flamethrower with his infuriated parents in tow about to punish their son harder for his disobedience. Timmy accidentally fired the rocket launcher he brought back from television, blowing the roof off and destroying and the upper floor of his house with the roof landing on the masked man standing on a tree, knocking him unconscious. Mr. Turner's boss came by with a "Cleanest House" award (The same moment where his boss was about to give Mr. Turner the cleanest office award before he gave it to Dinkleberg due to his office being trashed by Timmy earlier) and saw the place even more trashed, so he tossed the award to Dinkleberg instead and leaves. This infuriated Mr. Turner to its peak as he can no longer take Dinkleberg getting all the awards and money and not for himself (He became even more angrier that he pulled his hair out very hard and his head was bald when he realized the rocket launcher was out of ammo and he couldn't fire it at Dinkleberg's house). Vicky ran off with Timmy's magical television controller (Mr. and Mrs. Turner gave it to Vicky because Timmy tried to watch television again even though he was grounded from it), and Mr. and Mrs. Turner threaten to ground Timmy harder for disobeying them and trashing the Turner household as they still refused to believe that Vicky is evil after Timmy tried to prove his innocence by explaining to them that he didn't do anything wrong and also told them that Vicky is the actual culprit, saying that she is evil and she always becomes mean to him and always keeps getting him into trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Turner then angrily left to go get ammo for the rocket launcher in order to fire at Dinkleberg's house as they told Timmy that he will be in even more trouble when they get back from the ammo store. Vicky took her chance to take a picture of Timmy being miserable after his angry parents yelled at him for trashing the Turner household while they were away which she lets Timmy keep because it was for him. She then took a picture of Timmy in a Bo Peep costume for the internet, and then Vicky left the trashed Turner house with Timmy's magic remote she had in her hand.


Timmy zaps himself, Cosmo and Wanda to the TV Universe so Timmy can stay as a kid forever and keep his fairies.

Timmy removed the Bo Peep costume and was now angry about his parents not believing anything he said about Vicky again and punishing him for all the things that he did not do as he became fed up with this. Wanda told him that they was just trying to raise him to be a responsible adult as everyone has to grow up. However, Timmy contradicted her visually by the characters he watched on TV as they've stayed the same age even after a couple of years. Timmy then realized if he stayed as a kid forever, then he wouldn't have to lose his godparents for a couple of years. He decided to run away from home and he was going to do so through television. He wished for another magic remote to replace the one that was taken away by Vicky and decided to live in television. He wrote his parents a "Goodbye Foreveur" (Ever was misspelled by evur by Cosmo because he claimed it added effect) note and then zapped himself into the TV along with Cosmo and Wanda who accompany him while he stayed in television forever. However, the masked man was watching the whole thing after regaining his consciousness, and he followed Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda into the world of TV. Mr. and Mrs. Turner came back to the room with ammo and were about to take Timmy's TV out of his room and used the rocket launcher with ammo to fire at Dinkleberg's house, but they discovered the note and realized that their son had ran away as they become devastated about this, but Mr. Turner also realized that his son would spell Dinkleberg after misspelling Forever in the "Goodbye Foreveur" note. In the TV Universe, the masked man was chasing Timmy through the TV channels, when he crashed into the wrong channel cube and ended up in a children's cartoon called "Paula Poundcake", (a parody of Strawberry Shortcake). He grabbed a candy cane from the environment and attempted to use it to fend off the "little frosted freaks". Meanwhile, Timmy and his fairies had arrived in "Walnuts", (a parody of Peanuts) where Timmy planed to live here forever. They landed right in the middle of a Hanukkah Special. Another kid near Timmy fainted when the adults came, and they blamed Timmy (speaking in unintelligible dialect like the adults in Peanuts) who pleaded he was not responsible for the kid lying on the ground, but they decided to get the police involved and the room was suddenly flooded with tear gas. Timmy remarked that the adults ruined this place too, so he decided to find another channel. He decided to go into "Space Spectre", (a parody of Space Ghost).


Timmy and his fairies in the world of Walnuts.

Back in the real world, Vicky was watching Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda fool around in the TV (she didn't know it's them yet) and considered the programming to be boring. She felt with the remote she took from Timmy, it was magical properties cause it to merge a political debate show named "Politically Inaccurate" (a parody of Politically Incorrect) with a wrestling theme (a parody of WWE), much to Vicky's entertainment. She realized that the remote could do magical things, and changed the channel to a contest show named "The Million Dollar Spin" (a parody of Wheel of Fortune). A man was about to win 1,000,000 and he said he'd give it all to charity, Vicky was disgusted by this and screamed "Why can't that be ME!?" and pounded on the remote in frustration. The remote zapped her into the TV contest and she was handed a bag of money, but the host took it back when its pointed out that Vicky was 16, not 18 because she was too young to participate in the TV contest. Frustrated, Vicky smacked the remote again, pressing the fast forward button and aging her to 18. Vicky was now able to take the contest money, and she also began to realize the power of the remote. She wanted to go to the Dictator Week program on TV so that she could take over the world, which made the host think she was really happy and on fire.

Still inside the Space Spectre cartoon, Timmy and his fairies were about to be captured by the masked man, who had tracked them down. The masked man demanded the remote, promising that he would send Timmy back home unharmed, but Timmy refused and managed to use his remote to escape the channel. His next destination was "The Meatflints", (a parody of The Flintstones). The masked man continued to chase Timmy through other programs including "Go Go Racer" (a parody of Speed Racer), "Snooper Dog and the Clue Crew" (a parody of Scooby Doo) and "Blackbird and Sparrow" (a parody of Batman and Robin). Back in Dimmsdale, Mr. and Mrs. Turner were questioning Chester and A.J. about Vicky, and whether she was really evil. However, a Few Hidden Cameras secretly appeared on both A.J. and Chester. A.J. hesitates, but Chester was about to spill everything to Mr. and Mrs. Turner (even smashing one of the Hidden Cameras). Before he could though, a bracelet around his ankle shocked him and dispensed a slice of cheese to distract Chester. Mr. and Mrs. Turner continued to find more answers about Vicky's evil nature but Mr. Turner snatched the cheese from Chester before he continued to be zapped. Meanwhile in the Blackbird cartoon, Timmy was living the life inside Blackbird's mansion (a parody of Wayne Manor), when the masked man attacked him again. This time, Timmy managed to corner the masked man in the Birdcage (a parody of The Batcave). The masked man took off the mask, and the man was revealed to be Timmy himself, from the future.


Future Vicky/Vicky the Dictator.

Future Timmy revealed that Vicky used the remote to get to dictator week, took over the world, and turned Dimmsdale into a desolate wasteland. Sneaking into the ranks of Vicky's troops, Adult Timmy managed to become Vicky's most trusted soldier. He was sent after Adult Chester and A.J. who were inventing a device to go back in time and stop Vicky. Once A.J. completed the device, Timmy took it so that Vicky would send him back in time with it and not suspect anything. The future Timmy needed to stop Vicky and destroy the remotes so that the future would change. Present Timmy was unconcerned with this at first, he didn't care about home and Dimmsdale anymore, as long as he was safe inside television. However, Vicky had tracked them down inside television, and began to attack them. They managed to escape Vicky, and Timmy shaked hands with his future self, agreeing to put a stop to Vicky and prevent her from destroying the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner continued to look for answers. They went to Vicky's House and decided to talk to Vicky's dad and mom directly, but they were no help, when arrays of Lasers were on them. They were completely terrified of their daughter, and pushed Mr. and Mrs. Turner out the house the moment they realized they might suspect something of her. Tootie was watching from her room above and overheared that Timmy was missing because of Vicky, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She threw a cryptic message attached to a Timmy doll through the window of the Turners' car, asking them to meet her at the Dimmadelphia Cable building, disguising her name as "Deep Toot", a reference to the Watergate scandal whistle blower Deep Throat. Mr. Turner cracked up at the sound of her funny pseudonym and Mrs. Turner didn't get it. In the TV universe, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and future Timmy chased Vicky through some more programs, including "Clint's Hints" (a parody of Blue's Clues), "Ted and Jimmy" (a parody of Tom and Jerry), "Rabid Rabbit" (a parody of Looney Tunes), and an unnamed Christmas special, (possibly parodies of Rudolph, and Frosty The Snowman). "The Feldmans" (a parody of The Simpsons; Butch Hartman's favorite cartoon), and "Poppyseed Avenue" (a parody of Sesame Street).

Mr. and Mrs. Turner met Tootie in the parking lot of the Dimmadelphia Cable building. She was disguised in a fedora and gray coat. Tootie showed the Turner parents photographs of Vicky's misdeeds, including the ones they had blamed on Timmy.

She also explained to them the meaning of Chip Skylark's song Icky Vicky, which Mr. Turner previously thought was about pumpkins and for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Turner had learned that Timmy was right about Vicky being an evil babysitter. Before they could thank Deep Toot for her help, she disappeared without a trace. They were completely bewildered to her identity, despite her mistakenly including her real name on her cryptic notes. Mr. and Mrs. Turner had realized their mistake of not listening to Timmy and they should find Timmy and apologize to him when they realized that he was watching TV and then Mr. and Mrs. Turner headed to the Dimmadome station. In television, Timmy was about to enter the next channel, "Maho Mushi". He and his future self were riding on the credits to a show that had just ended, "Adolescent Genetically Altered Karate Cows (AGAKC)" (a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)). However, Vicky zapped future Timmy's time belt, damaging it, and causing him to fade back into the future. Before he faded away, future Timmy assured his younger self that he could stop Vicky and that he was the future's only hope. After his future self was gone, Timmy became furious that Vicky took away the one cool adult in his life, just like she took away everything else from him. He vowed to defeat her, in Maho Mushi, once and for all.

Timmy and Vicky entered Maho Mushi and appeared in a fighting arena. They used the power of their remotes to battle each other, controled giant fighting robots resembling Optimus Prime and Megatron from Transformers to battle each other, fired blasts from the remote, and used the remotes as glowing swords resembling Lightsabers from the Star Wars films to attack each other. Battling to a stalemate, Timmy realized the only way to defeat Vicky was to become old enough that Cosmo and Wanda's magic wen away, and the remotes would stop working. He aged himself all the way to age eighteen, he was happy to know that he kept his fairies for another eight years. However, once he hit age eighteen the Fairy Taxi arrived to take Cosmo and Wanda away. The fairies resisted, so a tractor beam began to suck them toward the taxi. Before it can get them both, Cosmo managed to poof Timmy back to a kid, but he went too far and turned Timmy back into a baby. Wanda corrected the mistake and made Timmy 10 years old again, so he got to keep his fairies, and the magic remotes had ran out of power so Vicky could no longer harm them. Timmy got both of the remotes back and recharged their power, using them to blast Vicky out of television and back into her room. She landed roughly in her bed, thinking it was all a dream, when a Timmy dolled with a message from Deep Toot comes crashing through her window, telling her to call the Turners because she was in big trouble. Vicky cursed the name of Deep Toot, oblivious that it was really her little sister. Timmy had finally won the battle as he, Cosmo and Wanda lefr the program. In the TV Universe, Wanda said to Timmy that he had defeated Vicky and prevented her from going near Dictator Week and Timmy told Cosmo and Wanda he would soon be an adult, ever since he had got Fairy Godparents. Timmy was still worried that his parents were still mad at him for what he has done.

Back home, the Turners' pleaded Doug Dimmadome for his help using the cable station to broadcast a message to Timmy, because they were sure that wherever he was, he was in front of a TV. As Doug Dimmadome debated with himself whether to help the Turners' or have security remove them (since Timmy has both helped and foiled Doug Dimmadome in the past), the Turners' sneaked by him and used the studio cameras to broadcast a message on TV, apologizing to Timmy for not believing that Vicky is evil and told him that he must come home because they loved him, who saw the message while he was surfing through the TV Universe and decided that it was time to return home. When his parents finished the broadcast, he appeared out of the TV, hugged them and reconciled as Mr. and Mrs. Turner thought that Timmy had forgiven them and their family was back together again and then Mrs. Turner asked Doug how could they ever thank him and Doug called security to have the Turners kicked out of the cable station, but Doug happly thought what Timmy helped him in the past, made Doug feel happy for himself.


The Turners about to fire Vicky for lying to them and being an evil babysitter.

Back at the Turner household, Mr. and Mrs. Turner were furious at Vicky for lying to them, blaming it on Timmy for which he didn't do and being a mean terrible babysitter, Vicky cried and blamed television for her wicked ways but his parents weren't falling for that again when they realized they couldn't trust Vicky to torture Timmy and therefore, they couldn't trust Vicky to babysit Timmy at all and so, Mr. and Mrs. Turner fired Vicky and forbaded her to babysit Timmy again. However, when it was all said an done, Timmy used the remote to pause everything, and then wished the remotes never existed, and nobody to remember all of this happened. This was because Timmy realized that without Vicky around to make him more miserable, he would lose his godparents. He wished the magic remotes didn't exist and that everyone forgot all the events that happened over the course of his adventure. The wish was granted, and a wave of magic erased everything that happened including Vicky's firing, Tootie's evidence against Vicky and her, Chester, and A.J.'s memories of the event. Mr. Crocker was also affected, he had finally stopped believing in fairies after staying at a mental hospital. He vowed to use his mind to help the world, and he had already just invented cold fusion and said there was no limit to the good he could do for humanity. However, when the effects of the erase wish hit him, Crocker reverted to his normal ways, believing that him about to help people was the work of fairies. He laughed crazily before he ran right back into the mental hospital.

With everything peaceful and back to normal, Timmy decided to bury a time capsule, which included a photograph of Timmy and his goldfish. He buried it next to a flower and a tree, and told Cosmo and Wanda about when he grew up, he would not make the same mistakes that his parents made. Wanda said that it was a beautiful day out and there was so much to do outside, but Timmy and Cosmo would rather go inside and watch television, and Wanda joined Timmy and Cosmo to watch television. The scene then faded to twenty years later.


Timmy Turner with his two future children and a Vicky robot.

The future had changed and Dimmsdale was a normal, technologically advanced place. Timmy's children, Tommy and Tammy Turner, were unearthing a time capsule next to the tree and flower (which had grown into a bush). His son closely resembled him, while his daughter had the same glasses as Tootie and the same headband as Trixie Tang. The children took the time capsule to their father Timmy, who was now a working man at the age of 30, dressed in a tie and getting ready for work. His children asked what the time capsule was, and Timmy took the photograph out of the time capsule. The picture of him at age 10 was shown, but the goldfish in the background were normal ones. Timmy pocketed the picture and left for work, leaving his children under the care of a violent babysitter robot modeled after Vicky. His children begged for him to take them with him, when it was revealed that Cosmo and Wanda were watching over them as goldfish like they did for Timmy 20 years ago, they remarked that some things never change. The screen closes on Cosmo trying to say "Thhh-That's all folks!", much like Porky Pig from Looney Tunes in a square bullseyes instead of a round bullseyes. Then Wanda appears and asks, "Cosmo, what's the matter with you?" and Cosmo says, "Nothing. It's just really cold in here!" while freezing himself. Then Wanda glances at the camera in a weird expression.


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