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The Black Rocks, are mysterious sharp dark rocks and items featured in the animated series Tangled: The Series.


The black rocks are unbreakable and cannot be cut by ordinary swords. The rocks seem to be connected to Rapunzel's magic hair as they made it regrow and also made it cut proof. Both the rocks and Rapunzel's hair The rocks are grow and multiply rapidly, able to spread anywhere and destroy anything they touch.



25 years ago before the sun drop flower was discovered, the black rocks had existed and corrupted a kingdom. Before Rapunzel returned to Corona, the mysterious rocks started to appear form the ground at the same spot where the royal guards found the flower.


Cassandra, brought Rapunzel to the rocks while she sneaks her out of the kingdom. When Rapunzel touched one of them, a powerful blast knocked the them away and somehow grew back Rapunzel's long hair.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invulnerability: The rock cannot be cut by ordinary swords.
  • Accelerated growth: They are able grow rapidly.
  • Multiplication: They can spread anywhere a rapid pace
  • Triggering shockwave: Rapunzel used her hair to connect with the rocks and trigger a shock wave to stun the guards.


The only capable of destroying the rocks is a weapon made from them as warrior named Adira was able to slice them with a sword made by black rocks.