The Blood Pact

The Blood Pact, also commonly known as the "Blood Contract" is a contract made between the leaders of two respective countries in the Fire Emblem universe. Often, it is used by one country to manipulate another and force the other to do their own bidding. If one leader breaks the contract, he lays a curse on his country until the pact is destroyed. The curse kills one person the first day, two people the second day, four the third, eight the fourth, sixteen the fifth, etc.

The effect of the blood pact can only be reversed one way- The leaders are killed and the contract itself is destroyed.



  • A Blood Contract.

    Blood Pact comes from the term which is a very serious and legally binding pact between two or more parties in which blood from each party is placed onto the bottom of the pact next to the signature of each of the parties involved. Amendments to the pact cannot happen without the presence of all former parties present.
  • Blood Pact is the name of the powerful war-like Chaos Cult of Khorne worshippers in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, as well as the name of a dark magic aura in the World of Warcraft franchise.
  • It is the name of the 1993 book by Tanya Huff from the series Blood Books,

Blood Pact, the 2009 book by Dan Abnett from the Gaunt's Ghosts series, and the 2013 book by Sharon Rose Mayes.

  • Blood Contract is the name of Chapter 3-13 in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and the third to be played from Daein's perspective. It is where the infamous "3-13 Archer" appears in. He is a generic NPC Sniper who, if left on "Roam", blocks Laguz reinforcements at the top-left pit, and can on ocassion rout them. He has become a popular fad because of this.
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