"Blow My Stack" is a Merrie Melodies song by Yosemite Sam himself in The Looney Tunes Show...


I had a toy train when I was young
but a wheel fell off and it wouldn't run.
And Oooooohh!!!
I Blew my Stack!
(Yosemite Sam)

Daddy sent me to school, but things got weird
When the kids made fun of my long, red beard.
And Oooooohh!!!
I Blew my Stack!

The Merchant Marine kept my temper at bay.
Until a dolphin looked at me the wrong way.
And Oooooohh!!!
I Blew my Stack!
(You better watch it dol-fan)
Aw, man!

So I worked at the library, peaceful place.
But people kept turning their books in late.
And Oooooohh!!!
I blew my stack!
(You gotta bring your books back in)

Well, I try to stay calm, cool as ice
But somebody says something just not nice.
Deep inside I just don't feel right.
I'm like a walking stick of lit dynamite.
I'm about to blow, you better go!
You're about to guest star on the "Blow My Stack Show"
Show, show!

Anger management class says "count to 10".
But I only get to three and then...
Guess what?
I Blow my Stack!
(He didn't get to 10)

Hey! Quit rubbing it in!
(Sorry Sam, that's what happened)
It's like you're trying to get me to blow my stack!
(Maybe that's the plan)
Ooohh, I'm-ah warning you!
(He's gonna go ka-blam!)


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