Bowser's Pinball Machine was Bowser Jr.'s toy purchased for Bowser served of final gameboard in Mario Party DS.

This board was the Bowser Jr.'s toy in Bowser's Castle to Bowser and same torturing his minimized enemies with pinball game. It is complete with cannon, slot-machine, Bowser Zone, Koopa spike shells and Star Zone.

The minimized heros needed to obtain the stars of every board in order to grow back, final showdown with Bowser and take his Sky Crystal. This pinball machine is destroyed when the heroics Kongs DK and Diddy accidentally breaking the Bowser's Minimizer making all back in normal size and winner battle with Bowser to take his Sky Crystal.



  • This board are no Bowser Spaces.
  • Despite being a Bowser-themed board, Bowser's Pinball Machine does not contain a single Bowser Space. It shares this trait with Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! from Mario Party 7.
  • If a player reaches the Bowser Zone due to a Space Swap hex, the usual message "Oh no! You're in the Bowser Zone!" will not pop up.
  • In the Korean release, the rule of the jackpot event is changed. Each player earns coins when the UFO is in the central cell when the player touches.
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