The Warped Orbit

Bowser's Warped Orbit

Bowser's Warped Orbit is Bowser's board in Mario Party 8. In order to have it playable in Party Mode, the player must unlock it by completing the Star Battle Arena once.

Unlike boards themed around Bowser in previous Mario Party games, this board does not have a lava theme. Instead, this board is a space station located above a star. Additionally, Magikoopas and Toadies appear in shops and board events, rather than underlings like Goombas and Koopa Kids which appeared on Bowser's boards in previous games. The objective here is to steal Stars, with each player starting out with five (ten Stars for each team on Tag Battle Mode).

Instead of Chain Chomps that were utilized in Snowflake Lake from Mario Party 6 and Pyramid Park from Mario Party 7, players must use special "Candy" to steal from their opponents: Bowser Candy and Bullet Candy, both of which are found only on this board.

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