The Bowser Land was the second and final unlockable board that appears in Mario Party 2. It is where Toad are forced begin host of this board map by King Bowser this time. It is a fantastic amusement park that was built underground beneath the surface of the Koopa Kingdom. It is complete with a roller coaster, a Blooper carousel, pipes, countless colorful carnival balloons, garbage, a flying dirigible, and the Bowser Parade set.

Heroes needed to collect Stars from Toad to "defeat" Bowser, but at the same time, do not leave that easily. Unlike the Magma Mountain, there exists advantage and disadvantages in this board. The disadvantages is the Bowser Parade that will player back in start losing coins; the advantage is which can recover the coins in Koopa Banks, enter the pipes when someone steps on a Happening Space and swap way of Bowser Parade.

At the end of the game, Bowser appears to punish Koopa Troopa traitor when winner appears for defeat him. Thinking that all was lost when Bowser transforms into his metal form, Toad give the star to winner finally defeat it completely.



  • This fun fair is a reference to other botched theme parks built by villains such as as Krazy Kremland, Robotnikland, and Witchyworld.
  • The mechanic used in this board where a special event involving Bowser happens every five turns would later be used for all Party Mode boards in Mario Party 7 known as "Bowser Time".
  • If the player uses a Bowser Suit and passes by the Bowser Parade Planning Office, a Koopa Kid will mistake the player for Bowser and allow him/her to change the route of the parade for free. Passing the Bowser Bank in the suit also grants the player 20 coins.
  • "Bowser Land" is also the nickname of Bowser's amusement park-like domain known as World Bowser in Super Mario 3D World. The final level of that game, The Great Tower of Bowser Land, appears to be the main attraction of this park.
  • Once this board is unlocked, players cannot play on other boards until Bowser Land is played once.
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