Branding Iron of Morgaine Le Fey

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The Branding Iron of Morgaine Le Fey

The Branding Iron of Morgaine Le Fey, also known simply as the Branding Iron, is a magical branding iron that was a highly sought-after magical item and it was forged and enchanted by its namesake creator, the legendary sorceress Morgaine Le Fey. It was featured in the episode "The Demon Within" of The New Batman Adventures cartoon series.

It had the ability to separate the demon Etrigan and its human host, Jason Blood. It could also enthrall any being branded by it.

Both Klarion and Blood wanted to procure it at an auction, but Bruce Wayne outbade them both. Wayne gave it to his old friend Blood, but Klarion had his familiar Teekl steal it. He then used it to its full purpose, and used the demon to wreak havoc and mischief (though mainly the latter) through Gotham City.


The Branding Iron of Morgaine Le Fey is a personal effect of the witch Morgaine who was the most feared conjuror during the Dark Ages. Those who were branded by the object either physically or by incantation were under complete control of Le Fey despite any objections.

Centuries later, the brand came into the possession of Gotham Auctioneers, Ltd. in the late 20th century. Its opening bid was $10,000 as its magical properties were no longer believed in. Klarion issued a bid of $100,000 to be countered by Jason Blood at $110,000. Then Klarion countered the bid with $250,000. It seemed that Klarion was going to win the branding iron, but Bruce Wayne steps in and bids $1 million, resulting in him winning the branding iron. After the auction, Bruce gave Jason the branding iron as a favor to Blood.

Klarion dispatched his cat Teekl to steal the brand. Once in his possession, Klarion took control of Etrigan and separated it from Blood. They went on a rampage until Batman managed to take back the brand and cast a spell that re-bonded Etrigan and Blood together.

The brand was most likely confiscated by Jason Blood and added to his collection of mystical objects.

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