Breaking Free from Prison

Free at last!!!
~ Uka Uka upon breaking free from his underground temple prison.

Every fictional villain breaks free from their prison and threats to take over any world.

Most often, wrongdoers escape from prison by themselves in several different methods.

  • Blowing up their cell or whatever form of imprisonment.
  • Digging underground.
  • Using stealth and/or disguise to avoid detection and evade capture by authority figures.

And in some cases, someone might or may unknowingly allow the evildoer to escape from jail. And in other times, a villain would have to make allies with other prisoners to aid them in their escape.



  • Discord escapes from his statue form.
  • Tai Lung escapes from prison.
  • Jafar escapes from his magic Lamp due to an unsuspecting Abis Mal's "assistance".
  • Grune the Destroyer (in his ghost form) escapes from his tomb.
  • Sideshow Bob escapes from prison and threatens to kill Bart and his family.
  • Hexxus escapes from his tree prison (thanks to the tree leveler that chopped it down).
  • Eclipsa Butterfly broke free from crystal.
  • The Titan brothers has been freed by Hades.
  • Zeebad escapes from the titular magic roundabout carousel after Dougal accidentally crashes the sugar cart into the roundabout.
  • Lucy escapes from the laboratory where she was being held captive with the help of one scientist and she kills anyone who crosses her path while leaving the Diclonius Research Institute.
  • After hearing Diva singing inside the tower she was locked in, Diva's twin sister is impressed on how beautiful her voice is. So, she opens the door of the tower's cell and asks Diva to sing at Joel's birthday party. Diva leaves the tower and kills everyone in the party.

Live-Action Movies

  • Imhotep has been revived when somebody reads the Book of the Dead.
  • Ahmanet awakens from her tomb.
  • Dr. Evil and Mini-Me escape from prison.
  • The Winged M.U.T.O. hatches from his cocoon after having hibernation and causes havoc at the Janjira power plant before escaping while the Eight-Legged M.U.T.O. hatches as well and breaks out of a mountain she was contained in.
  • Megatron escapes from his icy-encased prison to retrieve the Allspark cube.
  • Dr. Claw digs his way out of Riverton Prison
  • The Indoraptor breaks free from his cage and launches an attack on the customers.
  • Rita Repulsa and her henchmen escapes from the Space Dumpster.
  • Shredder is broken out of prison by Dr Baxter Stockman and the Foot Clan while being transferred between prisons. During this, Bebop and Rocksteady use the ambush to make their own escape.
  • Mr. Freeze is broken out of Arkham Asylum by Poison Ivy and Bane and lives in her lair.
  • The Indominus Rex escapes from her fold, when she chased Owen.
  • Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow escape from prison leaving Destro behind thanks to Firefly who set them free.
  • Mark Pierson escapes from a mental hospital and plans to kidnap Napoleon and Samantha 10 days later.
  • Hela is released from her prison after Odin dies since his life was what kept her locked up for millions of years.
  • King Ghidorah is freed from his icy prison in Antarctica by Dr. Emma Russell.
  • A.J. Arno and Cookie are released from the state prison before Harry Crumply hires them to steal the strength formula.
  • Magneto manages to escape from the plastic prison with Mystique's help in X-Men 2. In X-Men: Days of a Future Past, he also escapes from prison with the help of Quicksilver, Wolverine and Charles Xavier.



(Abis Mal and his goons are at the desert well.) (Abis Mal: [to himself] That stinkin' Aladdin! First chance I get, I'll slice him in half!) (Thief 1: [aside to other thieves] That stinkin' Abis Mal!) (Thief 2: First chance we get, let's slice him in half!) (Abis Mal: Hey, get over here and wash up! It's bad enough having to look at you without having to smell you!) (Thief 3: Come. We do it now. No witnesses. [brandishes his sword]) (Abis Mal dumps a pail of water on himself, and Jafar's lamp falls out of the pail and hits him on the head.) (Abis Mal: OW! What is this? So help me, I'll sue whoever runs this well! A lamp? [picks it up] Well... [chuckles] It might be worth a few shekels once it's cleaned up. [he rubs it]) (Thief 1: It will be of little use to you, Abis Mal... except to light your way... to the valley of the dead!) (The thieves pull out their swords ready strike Abis Mal, when suddenly, red smoke erupts from the lamp.) (Thief 2: AAAH! It is bewitched!) (All the thieves except Abis Mal get on their horses and ride away in panic; while Abis Mal stares on in shock and terror as Jafar's evil cackle is heard as he comes out of the lamp.) I AM FREE! Free to avenge the one he who has imprisoned me!
~ Jafar unwittingly released from his Lamp by Abis Mal.
(The tracking device indicates on the map that the Indominus Rex is still in Paddock 11.) (Lowery, confused: What the hell? It's in the cage...) (Claire, dubious: Well, that's impossible, I was just there.) (Lowery: Claire, I'm telling you, she's in the cage!) (Masrani looks up and sees a video feed of the Paddock 11 interior showing Owen, Nick and Ellis still inspecting the claw marks. After a moment the others do, too. Fear begins to dawn on Lowery.) (Lowery: What? Wait a second, there are people in there...) (Clarie gasps as soon as she hears this.) (Claire: Get them out of there right now. ...NOW!) (Vivian, frantic: Paddock 11, this is Control! You need to evacuate the containment...) (Vivian's voice comes through Nick's radio all garbled.) (Vivian, through the radio: ...area... ...Paddock 11... ...dock 11, do you copy... (Nick answers. He doesn't seem concerned, although Owen is already glancing around, suddenly uneasy.) (Nick, casual: Yeah, what's the problem?) (Vivian, still frantic: It's in the cage, it's in there with you!) (Nick looks confused. Owen springs into action.) (Owen: Go!) (Owen pushes past Nick and then the three men begin running for the door they entered through. Nick is slow and lags behind. Suddenly he stops, glimpsing the outline of the Indominus through the trees. Turning, he runs back the other way. Owen and Ellis skid to a halt as the Indominus emerges from the jungle and blocks their escape. The two turn and run back the way they came, but Ellis isn't fast enough. The Indominus snatches him up in her clawed hand and lifts him screaming into the air. Masrani, Lowery and Vivian hear Ellis's bloodcurdling shrieks over the radio. The sickening sounds of crunching bones are heard. A horrified Claire hears them too. Reaching the back door, Nick uses a handprint ID and a security code to override the door lock. The huge door begins to open. Running to it, he hesitates, looking back at Owen who is running towards him with the Indominus right behind him. He sees the Indominus with Ellis in her mouth. She rips off one of his legs. Nick screams and runs through the door. A video feed shows the paddock door opening with an alarm blaring "SECURITY BREACH.") (Masrani: Close the door.) (Lowery: We can't lock him in there with that thing!) (Masrani: Come on, close it now!) (He leans over and pushes the button himself. Clarie yells into her phone.) (Claire: Someone talk to me! What is happening?!) (The door begins to slowly close as Owen runs towards it, with the powerful monster gaining on him from behind!) (Owen: Shit!) (He runs through. Workers rush around in a wild panic, trying to escape, as the Indominus gets halfway through before the door closes on her. Her head and one arm stick free and she snaps her jaws at Owen. He runs and slides underneath the crane, where he lies hiding on his stomach. The Indominus pushes the door off of its track with the servos whining in protest and then steps out from inside the paddock, freed. Owen watches, wide-eyed, as the Indominus steps over to where Nick is sitting in front of a pickup truck. She walks around the left side as Nick, mustering his courage, peers around the right front bumper. He whimpers and sobs as he sees the huge tail disappearing around the rear of the truck, then turns back around, trying to hide. He clutches and kisses a crucifix. Suddenly the truck is violently knocked aside, flying through the air and crashing noisily to the ground upside-down, leaving the supervisor sitting out in the open completely exposed! He and Owen look at one another for a long moment. Suddenly, the Indominus' jaws snap down on Nick, lifting him up out of view! Acting quickly, Owen draws his knife and rolls over onto his back. Reaching up, he grabs the crane's fuel line and hacks desperately at it with his blade until he finally slices through it, rupturing it and spewing gasoline down onto himself. Hurriedly, he smears it all over himself in an effort to mask his scent. Having finished eating Nick, the Indominus now approaches the crane and crouches down on all fours, sniffing. Owen lies back, perfectly still, as the dinosaur's bloodied, gore-encrusted jaws inch closer and closer... until finally she withdraws, rising up out of view, and walks away. Slowly, Owen lifts his head, watching her go, her thudding footsteps retreating into the distance. Shivering, he lies back down and exhales in relief.)
~ The Indominus Rex ambushing Owen Grady and two of the staff inside her enclosure and killing two of the three men before escaping into Isla Nublar's interior.
(At Chorh-Gom Prison, Tai Lung is glaring intently ahead as he uses Zeng's feather to pick the lock, from the armor. When he succeeds, the accupuncture needles in the armor remove themselves from his body. He breathes out as he regains movement in his arms. All of a sudden, Tai Lung bursts free from his armor. Vachir runs to the ledge, the goose right behind him.) (Vachir: OH NO!) (Zeng: What's happening?!) (He looks over the edge and is horrified when he sees Tai Lung at the bottom of the pit.) (Vachir: To your battle stations! Go, go, go!) (Tai Lung struggles with his shackles, attached to the huge boulders. He lets out a mighty roar, filling Zeng with more fear.) (Vachir: Fire crossbows!) (Rhino guard: Fire!) (Tai Lung dodges several of the incoming spears, and then moves himself so the next one breaks him free of one of his shackles, much to the guards' horror. With his free paw, he rips off the other one.) (Zeng: Tai Lung is free! I must warn Shifu!) (Zeng attempts to flee, but the Commander grabs his neck, preventing him from leaving.) (Vachir: You're not going anywhere and neither is he!) (Zeng: Let go of me!) (Vachir, to his guards: Bring it up!) (The winch turns and the elevator starts to rise. A rhino guard tries to reach it, but just misses.) (Rhino guard: Wait! Bring it back!) (The rhinos begin to attack Tai Lung, firing spears at him, one of which he redirects into the crossbow, destroying it, and the rest he kicks back up into the walls, creating a makeshift staircase. He begins making his way up the spears, towards the elevator.) (Zeng: He's coming this way!) (Vachir: He won't get far. Archers!) (Leaping across the spears, Tai Lung catches the elevator, hiding under it as the volley of arrows flies down past him. One guard cuts the rope and the elevator crashes back down to the bottom of the pit. The two guards celebrate for a second before Tai Lung swings up from the bottom of the elevator house and catches the guards by surprise. He grabs the chain, jumps over the edge and swings around, launching himself up to the next tier, disappearing into the shadows. Tai Lung lands on a bridge, and driven by his insatiable fury, proceeds to brutally decimate the guards as he made his way up the levels, even using one of their maces against them. Tai Lung eventually reaches the door level, where a hundred soldiers led by Vachir (still clutching a terrified Zeng) are all that stand in the way of his escape. Vachir growls at Tai Lung, making it clear that he isn't scared of the leopard; Tai Lung growls back at the warden who had tormented him for twenty years and prepares himself for battle; Zeng quacks in terror.) (Zeng: We're dead. So very, very dead.) (Vachir: Ha-ha-ha! Not yet we're not. Now!) (An archer fires a flaming arrow upwards and sets off charges on the ceiling. Massive stalactites crash down and the bridge begins to crumble. Tai Lung leaps across the crumbling debris and attempts one last huge jump towards the Commander. But he falls short, claws scraping and sparking against the rock wall. The Commander laughs maniacally. On his way down, Tai Lung looks up and sees a fuse burning down to the last group of explosives. He leaps across the raining debris up to the ceiling of the cavern. Grabbing a hold of the dynamite, Tai Lung falls towards the army. Seeing that the last of his defenses is about to be used against him, Vachir finally loses his confidence.) (Zeng: Can we run now?) (Vachir, sobbing in terror: Yes.) (Tai Lung flings the dynamite... KA-THOOM! The door blasts open and rhinos go flying everywhere. WHUMP. Zeng hits the ground among them. He coughs out some smoke and is startled when the commander's horn prosthetic falls in front of him. Suddenly, Tai Lung's paw closes around his throat.) (Zeng: URRRK!) (Tai Lung lifts Zeng and looks at him for a moment. Then he sighs.) I'm glad Shifu sent you. (With a creepy tenderness, Tai Lung smooths the goose's ruffled feathers.) I was beginning to think I had been forgotten. Fly back there and tell them... the real Dragon Warrior is coming home. (Zeng nods in terror. Tai Lung throws the goose into the air and he flutters off. Lightning strikes in the sky.)
~ Tai Lung escaping from Chorh-Gom Prison as foreseen by Grand Master Oogway, ironically picking his locks with one of Zeng's fallen feathers.
Ahh! After 10,000 years, I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth!
~ Rita Repulsa


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