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The Builder Games, otherwise known simply as the Games, are a villainous event appearing in the Minecraft: Story Mode series by Telltale, appearing only in the videogame Minecraft: Story Mode in the episode "A Journey's End?".

The Games were operated in a rather horrifying way. The Competitors were forced to compete in 3 rounds: Spleef, the Lava Race, and the Walls. When any of the competitors were eliminated (i.e. relocated to large cells after being struck with a blow, or after falling into lava), they were sent to Hadrian and Mevia's quartz mines in the Nether, where Hadrian and Mevia torture them for their own amusement. This operation continued until Hadrian and Mevia's defeat at the hands of Jesse, which enabled Otto to change the Games back to their original ways and undo the damage Hadrian and Mevia caused.



The Builder Games were orchestrated by the Old Builders: Hadrian, Mevia, Otto, and Harper. Originally, they were designed to invite people from all over the worlds to compere in the Games and have fun. However, Hadrian and Mevia grew sadistic over time, and rigged the Games without anyone knowing, turning it from a fun competition into a torturing method, as Hadrian and Mevia then used it to trap the competitors in the Old Builders' World so they can sadistically torture them in the quartz mines in the Nether. Harper presumably left because of Hadrian and Mevia's sadism, going to Crown Mesa, located in another world, to help the people there. Otto stayed behind, presumably so he can change the Games back to their original ways.

Meanwhile, Hadrian made up a legend of a person named "Tim" who was able supposedly able to beat the Games and return home, and told it to the competitors, giving them false hope by doing so.

A Journey's End?

Jesse and the New Order of the Stone enter the Games during the Spleef match, not knowing how they got there. As two of the members of the New Order of the Stone are about to get eliminated (Petra and Ivor), Jesse can save either Petra or Ivor, while Lukas saves the other. However, Lukas and Ivor/Petra are eliminated, and Jesse and Petra/Ivor are forced to face the Old Builders. Hadrian offers a deal that if Jesse and the New Order of the Stone win the Games, they would get the Portal Atlas so they can return home to their own world. However, if they lose during the Games, Harper has to go to the mines, too. Jesse agrees to Hadrian's deal, and Harper leads him and Petra/Ivor to the competitors' village.