The Busby Stoop Chair

The Busby Stoop Chair

The Busby Stoop Chair, otherwise known as Busby's Stoop Chair, Busby's Chair or Dead Man's Chair, is a supposedly haunted oak chair that was cursed by Thomas Busby on the day of his execution in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.


Thomas Busby was sentenced to death after he was found guilty of murdering his father-in-law in 1702. Before he died, he cursed his chair by saying that instant death would befall on anyone that dared to sit in his chair. It seemed as though his words did come true.


The chair was linked with several fatal accidents. The chair can now be found at the Thirsk museum. It currently hangs from the museum's ceiling.



  • This chair was once alluded to in the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers.