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Buzz's Dungeon

Buzz's Dungeon is an arena resided by Buzz, a Rhynoc gardener turned into a fiendish toad-like monster by Bianca under the the Sorceress' command. It is a boss level in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This sinister place is located between Sunrise Springs and Midday Gardens. It is here that the heroic dragon Spyro must battle Buzz with the help of the kangaroo Sheila. Defeating Buzz earns a Dragon Egg (Grayson).

It is ring-shaped arena resting on a boiling lake of lava surrounded by tall mountains. Standing to the arena on each separate side is a volcano and 2 castle-like towers that are dungeons used to incarcerate the Sorceress' prisoners.


Buzz will start by charging at you; counter this attack by charging at him. Apart from that, he will just jump around the field. Try to knock him into the lava by charging at him. If you do, Sheila will jump on him to knock him further into the lava. Once Buzz comes out, he will use a rolling move to try and crush you; charge around the arena to dodge.

After Buzz takes 2 turns in the lava pool, he will begin to use some kind of fire as a shield; wait until the fire shield disappears before charging him again. Other than that, it is the same attacks as before.

After another two turns drowning in lava, Buzz will begin to breath fire three times when behind the fire shield. Fortunately, it's got short range and Spyro can just get out of range by charging or gliding. Once you knock Buzz into the lava the second time during this strategy, he will struggle to get out of the lava. After a while, he realizes he can never get out, and just sinks as he dies.

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