The C-Virus

The C-Virus

The Chrysalid Virus, commonly abbreviated as the "C-Virus", is a new variant of the Progenitor Virus used in a series of bioterrorist attacks in the years 2012 and 2013. They are responsible for mutations such as the J'avo. It was designed by a doppelganger of Ada Wong named Carla Radames.

The C-Virus was created by combining an enhanced version of both the Veronica Virus with the G-Virus variant within Sherry Birkin's blood. Unlike the T-Virus, the C-Virus allows the infected to maintain some of its intelligence, allowing the creatures that mutate from the virus to co-ordinate attacks and use weapons.

Known Infected

  • Adam Benford: Zombie (killed by Leon S. Kennedy)
  • Deborah Harper: unidentified B.O.W (killed by Helena Harper)
  • Piers Nivans: J'avo (killed in an explosion)
  • Derek C. Simmons: unidentified B.O.W (killed by Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper)
  • Carla Radames: unidentified B.O.W (Killed by Ada Wong)
  • Finn Macauley: Napad (killed by BSAA Support Troops)
  • Ben Airhart: Napad (killed by BSAA Support Troops)
  • Liz: Zombie (killed by Helena Harper)
  • Carl Alfonso: Napad (killed by BSAA Support Troops)
  • Andy Walker: Napad (killed by BSAA Support Troops)



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