The Candleverse

The Candleverse

Yeah, well, things are a little bit... Different here.
~ HABIT (about the Candleverse).

The Candleverse is a alternate reality featured in the EverymanHYBRID and TribeTwelve series. It is also the home of HABIT.


The Candleverse, also called "Candle Cove," or "The Ark"  by some, is speculated to be the other universe where the universal avatars of the cast reside while not participating in an iteration, and where their spirits reside after their deaths here.

The Candleverse gained its name following the video "-.-." where a version of Jeff, Evan and Vince can be seen sitting around a small grouping of candles discussing the events of the series. It is also speculated that the portions of the video "Ryan the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT" showing Evan at the kitchen table may also take place in the Candleverse.

The Candleverse may also act as a "pass between," being the portal between certain points in our world, as seen in the video "Last week/Taking it back" where Evan, Jeff and Alex seem to be instantly transported between Jeff and Alex's home and Baldpate Mountain.

Further evidence of this theory can be seen in The property where Vince travels not only to multiple locations in all of the homes of the major cast members, but also into a space where he sees himself and the rest of the cast sitting in a version of Evan's basement, and finally to an unknown location where he meets Dr. Corenthal who appears to have been hiding there since his disappearance.

In Tribe Twelve's video "Bridge To Nowhere ", Jeff is seen in the Candleverse. He appears to be running from HABIT, who hints that he is trying to catch Jeff, and "a couple others", for reasons unknown to the viewers. It has been speculated, among other theories, that Jeff is possibly reiterating in the Candleverse at this point in time.


Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

The Candleverse made its appearance in TribeTwelve during the Video Bridge to Nowhere.

During the video Bridge to Nowhere, Noah was transported and was trapped in a strange place, later, Jeff comes from nowhere, and tells Noah to kill himself, and that "he can't be the hero of this." Noah seems to be confused because Jeff was killed by HABIT, but before saying anything else, HABIT appears and Jeff runs way from him. HABIT tells Noah that this reality is a bit different than the other reality, and HABIT also says to Noah that killing himself is not a option and fight is the only option. Minutes later , HABIT kicks Noah who is transported to his own house and the video ends.



  • Water within the Candleverse can harm humans.
  • HABIT's voice is more demonic.
  • The distortion is much stronger.
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