The Mutiny Castle

Captain Mutiny's Castle, sometimes called the Mutiny Castle, is a levitating palace that originally sat atop the back of a gargantuan reptile known as the "Titanisaur" and it is home to the wicked space pirate Captain Mutiny.

This flying citadel which is built in the somewhat traditional style of medieval castles, served as the base of operations for Captain Mutiny and his crew. The castle which is fitting to Captain's greedy nature as if he was living a king indeed, contains a number of rooms including a control room shaped a typical pirate ship's hull.

It was later destroyed by the Scorpion Stinger under the evil alient tyrantess Trakeena's control after exiting the Lost Galaxy via a portal conjured by one of the fabled Galaxy Book's magic spells in pursuit of the Terra Venture space colony crew and the Galaxy Rangers.


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