Captive Evil Date

A beautiful desert bloom should be in the arms of teh most powerful man in the world. So what you say my dear? Why, with you as my queen....(Jasmine: [grabs the wine and throws it at Jafar with anger] Never!)
~ Jafar offering Jasmine by becoming his queen which Jasmine refuses since she does not love him.

Such romantic evening. Lighted candles, soft music, one person (usually the woman) tied up and possibly gagged. This trope called "Captive Evil Date" normally follows these conventions:

  • The forced date is an innocent attempt (with terrible social skills) to make the main protagonist's love interest to join him as his queen or his lover.
    • The abductor turns violent if confronted, though may not harm his victim even if she attacks him like Jafar with Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin.
  • Conversely, the date may presage bad things for the tied-up partner, either death or rape (maybe repeatedly).
  • The date is simply a chance to toy with a mortal enemy.

NOTE: The victim does not need to be tied up, but must be held captive.


  • Jafar wants Princess Jasmine by becoming a sultan which that means that he needs to marry her so he can rule Agrabah.
  • Judge Claude Frollo hate Gyspies except he was had an unhealthy lust for Esmeralda and he want her to be his maiden or she will die.
  • The Joker was in love with Vicky Vale and decide to kidnaped her, so she can join him as his lover.
  • Gaston is a handsome arrogant hunter whom most of villager girls have their eyes on, except for Belle. Gaston wants Belle to be his wife as he's infatuated with her beauty and despite her rejections, he'll do anything to make her his wife.
  • René Belloq does this to Marion Ravenwood by giving her a nice dress and talking to her over wine, trying to be civil until Toht comes in.
  • Baron Alberto does this to Alice as he's smitten with her and wants her to be his wife, despite her rejections and claiming she's in love with Tonio.
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