The Card-Carrying Villains

Card-Carrying Villains

Don't talk like that, Seha. I'll get embarrassed. But yes, I will not lie I love people drowning in their own blood and tears, or to see the parents of a child crying as they watch their daughters being raped and dying, or see people in pain, or listen to the cry of desperate of innocent people. That's why I love humans, if humans did not exist, there would be no one for me to enjoy myself in this reality. If it is bad or good... I don't what is it, the only that matter is how I fell. Yes... I'm sick...
~ Isaac Ray Peram Westcott to Seha.

Card-Carrying Villains (shortened as "CCV") is a TV-Trope popularized term given for villains whom no matter what kind of personality that they have (greedy, violent, comical, etc.), would always referred themselves as a very evil person and demanded the others to regard them that way.

In fact, CCVs are Evil Incarnate-wannabes whom wishes to escalate their reputation to be as notorious as possible.

For that, they need to avoid perform good deeds or similar actions that would made them less villainous in front of the heroes or other people, disregard rules that constraint them from to be as evil as possible, and even taking any insults that the heroes given to them (ex. You monster/abomination!) as compliment, demanded to be respected by the others.

There are, in general, three spheres of Card Carrying Villainy. A lot of villains combine one or more, though:

  1. Control - the Villain wants to rule; be it a gang, a city, a state, the country, the world, or a similar goal, and have everyone else below them obey their every whim. Sometimes goes so far as thinking of themselves as being of a superior race, a perfect being, or even a god, and therefore entitled to it.
  2. Corruption - the villain wants to turn other people evil just like them.
  3. Destruction and Evil - the Villain wants to destroy and kill for its own sake. Taken to the extreme, the first and second spheres may recognize that this includes them as well, so this often results in evil versus oblivion  if the villain teams up with the heroes so they can take over the world at a later date. 


  • Isaac Ray Peram Wescott
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Makuta Teridax
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