The Castle Morbidden

The Castle Morbidden

Castle Morbidden is a castle-like palace located in the north of the Nameless Zone and it is home to the goblin empress Queen Vulpecula Huntar, her brother Prince Catalus, her assistant Liemould and a squad of Red Jackets.


The fortress itself is a seemingly-elegant medieval castle that has a gothic, dark exterior, befitting for a queen. It is in a remote area, built on a rocky hilltop overlooking a forested region. A single narrow bridge provides the only access to the main door, so the easiest way to reach the building is by air. Inside, the home is typical of a castle, with stone walls, winding passages and tall turrets. These open out onto a vast outdoor area that links several hidden doors together.


Occasionally, Queen Vulpecula becomes bored and decides to organize a fox hunt. On one particular occasion, she ordered her younger brother, Prince Catalus, to visit the Nameless Zone and capture some fox cubs for her to hunt. As he did so, Vulpecula impatiently waited, angrily informing Liemould that it was not her place to go out and fetch cubs herself. Catalus eventually returned with Tails, Jimmy and Jilly and began the hunt. The foxes quickly ran into a dead-end, but were given enough chance to escape. They entered a secret passage filled with cobwebs behind a wall covering and came out in another room where Catalus planned to kill them himself. The chase took the foxes up a tall tower and out into the open-air, where Tails flew the cubs to a flying boat. They then set off back to the Nameless Zone as Vulpecula's congregation angrily demanded they return.


  • Morbidden is a clever play on the words "morbid" and "forbidden".