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Learn to know the Dark Side of the Force, and you will be able to save your wife from certain death.
~ Chancellor Palpatine (later known as Emperor Palpatine) corrupting Anakin Skywalker who would now be known as Darth vader.

A kind of object (or place) able to attract people towards the Dark Side. Either by persuation, temptation or manipulation, by calling upon people's darkest desires and tempting them with the prospect of fullfilling their wishes or granting them power, or more simply because of the foul, evil energy that irradiates from it, so intense that it twists the mind of anyone who comes in contact with it and increases their inner darkness. (Sometimes by a mix of both, as seen with Malefor's case.)

Those submited to a Corrupting Influence grow increasingly evil, depending on how the influence works and the way they are exposed to it. This corruption may only occur when someone is exposed to a Corrupting Influence (though the victim soon developps an unhealthy addiction to it - or gets convinced by the villain's arguments) or increase gradually over the time, but if nothing is done to stop it the corruption will soon become permanent.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Pure of Heart heroes are completely immune to (or unaffected by or no longer subject to) Corrupting Influence, as they are incorruptible.

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