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You think you can banish the great Rasputin? By the unholy powers vested in me, I banish YOU, with a curse! Mark my words, you and your family will die within a fortnight. I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov line forever!
~ Rasputin casting a curse through the unleashed dark magic of his Reliquary as a demonstration upon Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov family.

Curses are a specific type of magic designed to cause extreme harm on an individual or an entire area, while all curses are dark magic by very nature it is important to note not all dark magic is specifically a curse.

Depending on the power of a curse, the magic involved can cause anything from misfortune to death or even a fate worse than death, targets can vary from single individuals to entire worlds and often a curse can only be broken by a certain element or counter (some especially potent curses are irreversible, such as the infamous Unforgivable Curses from the Harry Potter franchise).

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