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Mojo Jojo: Curse those accursed Powerpuff Girls. They always defeat my plans! (Extreme close-up of his anger-reddened eyes, panning across.) I must devise a plan so diabolical, so sinister, it will bring those tiny titans to their knees! I need to beat them at their own game. (gasping) I need to fight fire with fire! I need— I need to make a phone call. (laughs evilly)
Prisoner: (from outside the cell) Hey, shut up in there! (Mojo Jojo laughs quieter in typical evil fashion)

Formulae (commonly referred to as Formulas) are the chemicals that were created and used for dangerous purposes by sinister mad geniuses and greedy criminals as well as other different villains including evil wizards and wicked witches.

Formulae can have a wide range of effects, such as highly dangerous acids, chemical weapons and more - they are divided further into:

  • Drugs - Most dangerous and destructive formulas, often causing long-term damage to body and mind.
  • Potions - Magically based formulas, utilizing either true magic or esoteric means.

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