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I'm not interested in your kind of magic. All you do is destroy.
~ Marnie Piper refusing Kal and his offer to learn the ways of dark magic.
I curse you with life. To never know peace. To walk the Earth alone for all eternity. You will never die...!
~ The Witch Queen casting a curse of immortality on Kaulder in their final moment.
How 'bout a little Magitek mayhem?
~ Kefka Palazzo

Dark Magic, also commonly referred to as Black Magic, Evil Magic, the Black Arts, and the Dark Arts, is the negative kind of Magic/Sorcery (often sometimes referred to as Witchcraft/Witching, "Warlockship/Warlocking", "Wizardry/Wizarding", "Bewitching", "Conjuring", and Enchanting) used by evildoers to obtain and achieve their goals. Its source is the power of Darkness. It is primarily destructive and deadly, used almost exclusively for evil by villains. Occasionally a hero will use it in moments of extreme hatred and pain. Some examples include the Unforgivable Curses in the Harry Potter universe and Sauron's One Ring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • Curses are a specific version of Dark Magic that either causes suffering or even death on its victim. This includes both spells and cursed objects if they cause physical or spiritual harm to such curses' user(s) or upon others.
  • Alchemy is the ancient and early form of chemistry and considered by many to be the mystic combination of magic and science. Alchemy differs from story to story but it most often focus on transmuting matter to turn it into something purer (the most common example being turning any metal into gold) and making oneself evolve through meditation and experiments. (In most stories this evolution is about becoming immortal). Practitioners of this art/science are known as Alchemists. Yet, there are alchemists who uses the mystical science of alchemy for their criminal goals or dark purposes. Alchemy is also known as "Alchemic Magic", "Alchemic Manipulation", "Hermetic Magic", "Magical Science", and "Scientific Magic". In some stories focusing about magic and many wizards and witches, (in the Harry Potter book series for instance), Alchemy is described as a special brand of magic and thus most of its practitioners are sorcerers and sorceresses. Normally the ideas of Science and Magic are seen as competing with one another but in numerous settings there are beings, items, societies and even entire worlds that have mastered both advanced technology and sorcery - this magically and scientifically oriented art is popularly known as "Magi-Tech" (also referred to as "Magitek") and can be seen as a blend of both well-known genres Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) and Fantasy or simply known Science Fantasy. Any object that regularly utilizes both science and sorcery can be added here, as can beings that are born of a mystical fusion of magic and technology. This amazing and powerful science is also called "Technological Magic", "Technomagic" (also spelled "Techno-Magic"), "Meta-Tech", "Mystechnology", and "Technomancy".
  • Pseudosciences/Unconventional Sciences: Powers, abilities, energies, or concepts that, within their respective worlds/universes, they are regarded as a science or even commonplace, despite the fact that they are abilities that are unnatural or even supernatural in the eyes of the audience. Some of these works illustrate a clear difference between said abilities and magic, but for the purposes of this wiki and the sake of simplicity, should be regarded as magic. Examples of this include ki from the Dragon Ball franchise, bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Semblance and Aura from RWBY, jutsu from Naruto, the Force from the Star Wars franchise, and certain types of the aforementioned alchemy, such as in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Important: This category is about spells and artifacts, not practitioners of Dark Magic.

NOTE: Do not include objects that simply empower the user.

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