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Steve Hadley: Nice. These f**kin' zombies. Remember when you could just throw a girl into a volcano?
Gary Sitterson: How old do you think I am?Steve Hadley and Gary Sitterson about The Ritual.

Rituals, also known as Rites and Ceremonies, are important events in magic and mysticism, especially when it comes faith and fanaticism as it has been for countless ages. And it often a ritual is performed with the intent on bringing forth a large change or a supernatural event, and often they require a great deal of planning and preparation to work.

Rituals often must be completed in a certain fashion or under a certain time-limit or they will fail, sometimes failure of a ritual can have apocalyptic effects on the world or endanger the conjurer(s) in some manner.

There are also less complex rituals that while not having the same grand stakes as the grand ones can still allow for supernatural powers and blessings, such as summoning demons or evil spirits.

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