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Technology? Who cares about technology? Who understands technology?
~ President Stone

Any and all kinds of Technology and gadgetry that were used for evil, whether it was created for evil purposed from start, or rather originally intended for a heroic/beneficial purpose but later used as a deadly weapon of mass destruction.

  • Mechanical Modification: Usually a brilliant scientist, a sophisticated billionaire or a superhuman being with advanced technology, this is someone who wears a mechanical suit or armor to upgrade an aspect of their body. This also includes heroes who have replaced parts of their body with mechanical parts i.e. cyborgs.
  • War-Machines: Sometimes spelled "War Machines", are a specific type of Heroic Tools designed to give power-hungry and/or militaristic villains power by which to wage war against their enemies - many War-Machines in fiction can be considered Weapons of Self Defense ("WSDs" for short) and are often utilized by warriors and rebels-type enemies.

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