Witness the power of time.
~ Ultimecia
I'll drown you in the flow of time.
~ Ultimecia demonstrating her power of Time Travel to Tidus.

Time Travel (sometimes commonly spelled "Time-Travel") is the iconic, special ability to move through time. It is also known as "Chronoportation", "Temporal Relocation", "Time Jump", "Time Jumping", and "Time Traveling" (often sometimes spelled "Time-Traveling"). Depends of the storyline of a fiction, time travel can be part of the villains/antagonists' evil schemes. This feat would enable evildoers to travel and/or send their minions or other people/object to future/past. Depends of the villains' resources/tools for this feat, they may be limited to remaining on the same spatial spot of a differing timeline, others may be able to move to a different spatial position.

This category would refer any means for the villains to travel through the time, either with magical or technological means. This also the high-tier version of Chronokinesis.

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