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The Cathedral of Shinnok, also known as the Bone Temple, tbe Cathedral of Power, Temple of Shinnok, Shinnok's Temple, and Shinnok's Bone Temple, is an unholy ancient ossuary-like temple within the Netherrealm dedicated to the worship of the Fallen Elder God Lord Shinnok and it is one of many well-known locations in the Mortal Kombat

It serves is the energy core of the Netherrealm Palace



The head of Shinnok watches the fight in the temple. The arena is located in the Netherrealm, in the castle of Shinnok. An amulet can be used on the right side of the arena to inflict damage on the opponent.





  • Before the Cathedral of Shinnok's final version in Mortal Kombat 11, there are 2 artworks that one of them were originally the planned version of the said church-like arena:
    • The Bone Temple

      The Bone Temple

      The Bone Temple, a massive cavernous temple with its core ossuary-styled chamber exalting death itself and it demonic horned altar-like monument comprised of bones of countless creatures and victims alike with a glass encasement tube containing the decapitated head of Lord Shinnok in a hole in the monument and the huge object's left side, standing next to

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