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The Chaos Pearls, also known as the "Sorcerer Balls" and the "Sorcerer Orbs", "Orbs" and "Balls" and "Power Balls" and "Power Orbs", are evil magic orbs and villainous objects in the animated series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

It was the dangerous and negative magical energy from these spherical gems that was responsible in creation of The Sorcerer and Evil Julian in the first place by bonded themselves with their carrier’s darker side of their soul.

The Chaos Pearls are the probable true source of antagonism within the Randy Cunningham universe due to the darkness inside them possessing near-sentient and malevolent properties that enable them to corrupt and possesses anyone that hold at least one of them, and thus, created the wholly sentient extension of itself through possession of the said holder for a certain amount of time. Once the possession reach the said amount of time limit, the power of the Chaos Pearls gains the sentient form of the wielder's negative counterpart as result of it being bonded with the holder's darker side of their soul, and immediately banished their real counterpart.



  • The Sorceress, the Sorcerer's long lost love, also uses Chaos Pearls, except she wears them as a necklace.
  • 4 of the Sorcerer's pearls were scattered when he was attacked by the First Ninja while spinning them in his hand:
    • After the credits of "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", Catfish Booray finds the first one, and Randy takes it from him in "Welcome Back Catfish". In "Mastermind of Disastermind", Randy accidentally gives the ball to Evil Julian.
    • The second one was found by the First Ninja, who put Plop Plop in charge of guarding it for 8 centuries. After Plop Plop is relieved of his duty and transfers into the Nomicon (NinjaNomicon), Randy takes responsibility of guarding it. Eventually, Evil Julian gets possession of this one, as well.
    • The third one is found in a gift shop in Little Norrisville by Howard, who uses it to grant wishes. After the pearl loses all its power, Randy breaks it, but the smallest bit of leftover stank contaminated Norrisville's water supply, brainwashing Norrisville's residents. At the quarry, Evil Julian absorbs the power from them, freeing them from its control but giving more power to him.
    • The fourth one is found by Howard when he figures out that the quarry is where it is hidden. Evil Julian claims this pearl shortly after its discovery.
  • The Chaos Pearls may have a probable connection to the Land of Shadows itself.
  • The second Chaos Pearl almost controls Randy (while being the Ninja) in "Winner Takes Ball".