Cinder's Glove is an enigmatic and dangerous weapon wielded by Cinder Fall in the American web cartoon series RWBY.


The origins of the glove are unknown, though it is assumed that it was either created or owned by the evil Salem, due to the red symbol on the glove resembling the markings found on her outfit. It was presumably given to Cinder to allow her to steal the elemental powers of the Fall Maiden Amber.

Cinder, along with Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black, ambushed amber on a deserted road and attacked her. Amber fought back, but was subdued. As Emerald and Mercury restrained their victim, Cinder put the glove on and positioned it in front of Amber's face. A portal opened, and an insect-like Creature of Grimm emerged. It ensnared Amber's face with a black substance, then began draining Amber's Fall Maiden power. A red and black mass appeared below the group, and the substance began to glow gold.

However, before all of Amber's powers could be stolen, she was saved by Qrow Branwen. He used his weapon to cut the connection, and the glove and the Grimm disappeared. However, Cinder managed to gain half of Amber's powers, resulting in her tattoo appearing on her back. Cinder and her teammates retreat, but Amber is left comatose with permanent facial scars from the attack. Cinder later returns and kills Amber, gaining the rest of her powers and becoming the new Fall Maiden.

Powers and Abilities

Cinder's Glove has the ability to summon the parasitic Grimm, which uses its black substance to drain the power from its victim. It is unknown if prolonged exposure will kill the host, or if the glove only works on Maidens and magic.


The glove appears as an elbow-length white glove with an intricate red symbol on the back. It is presumably Salem's emblem.





  • The name "Cinder's Glove" is unofficial, as the actual name of the glove has not been released yet.
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