The Contract of San Venganza

The Contract of San Venganza

This is the contract of San Venganza. All of you......come to me!!!
~ Blackheart reading the the Contract and summons the cursed souls of the town of San Venganza.

The Contract of San Venganza (also misspelled as "Contract of San Vengeanza") was an ancient scroll created by Mephisto and it holds the massive power of all the souls of all the doomed townspeople of San Venganza and it plays a major role in Ghost Rider.

The Contract itself is a powerful demonic weapon. The Contract is the result of the entire population of San Venganza selling their souls to The Devil, thus giving the Contract an enormous power. Not wanting Mephisto to become nearly all-powerful, former Texas Ranger Carter Slade hid the Contract for centuries.

Johnny Blaze, the new Ghost Rider, was forced by the demon Blackheart, Mepistopheles' renegade son, to give him the Contract in exchange for Roxanne Simpson's life.

Blackheart used the power of the Contract to become Legion, a demon powerful enough to defeat and destroy even Mephisto.

Unfortunately for Blackheart, the binding of so many evil souls within him rendered him vulnerable to Ghost Rider's famous Penance Stare, immediately resulting in Legion's death, and the Contract was destroyed.


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