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The Cortex Castle is a towering castle-like citadel home to the evil Doctor Neo Cortex located in Cortex Island serving as first base of operations from same and here where was created the Crash Bandicoot & other mutant animals and one of location in the Crash Bandicoot videogame series.


Exterior of castle is built with bricks, 4 towers, dome roof with four circular windows & spikes, iron spikes in walls and windows with grills. Interior contains chairs, shields, N flags, spike pillars, gargoyles, labs and animal cages.


This castle is built in a mountain where Uka Uka was imprisoned when Neo Cortex and N. Brio were hiding from the various forces searching the pair. With the castle built, various robots were created to patrol the entire castle and animals on Wumpa Islands are captured to be transformed into super animals with the devices as: Evolvo-Ray and Cortex Vortex.

Here were was created Ripper Roo, Koala Kong, Pinstripe, Crash Bandicoot and Tawna Bandicoot.

The castle has had its last moments when Crash defeated N. Brio making the same fire the whole castle with his formulas.

1 year later, this castle is in ruins where it became the N. Brio's home in that same create Komodo Brothers and Tiny Tiger to stop Crash from collecting crystal at Cortex and prepare the laser weapon for destroy the Cortex Vortex spacestation.





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Description Album
The walls music was considered the Cortex Castle theme from the fact that this scenery appears in this castle corners. Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (Crash Bandicoot)


  • During the development of CrashBandicoot, the Cortex Castle was conceived more as a fortress than a castle tower. It was to be set atop a snowy mountain on Cortex Island. Atop the castle, Cortex's boss fight would take place.