The Covenant Manor

The Covenant Manor

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The Covenant Manor is a 17th century Irish mansion belonged to the Covenant Family and it is the main setting of the 2001 first-person shooter/FPS survival horror videogame Clive Barker's Undying. It is the central hub of the namesake Covenant Estate, a complex series of islands and lands located off the coast of Ireland..

It is learned that large parts of the manor are in disrepair. The mansion's owner Jeremiah Covenant has let go large numbers of staff members and those remaining are unable to complete all the maintenance and housekeeping tasks required.

In one of the journal entries mentioned that the Covenant Manor was build around an ancient tower within the 1600s A.D. In the year 1923, the manor still makes quite an impression on guests.

It has about 100 rooms, many of which have considerably decayed. Ground floor has a big library, a gallery chamber, drawing rooms, Bethany Covenant's office, a child room, a great hall, a billiard room and a dining room with kitchens and wine cellars, On the second floor of manor situated numerous family (Evaline's, Joseph's, Aaron's, Bethany's, Ambrose's, Lizbeth's and Jeremiah's rooms), guest (including Otto Kiesinger's and Patrick's rooms) and servant living rooms, yet drawing rooms, Aaron Covenant's study room and family bar. Manor has 4 open-for-guest staircases (including the magnificent entrance hall and the foreboding circle hall) and one servant staircase with food elevator. Also manor has own botanical garden and chapel.

Around a mansion located extensive grounds with parks and gardens. Also, the mansion has an inner courtyard with stables and Aaron Covenant's art workshop. In one of the manor's gardens lies the greenhouse.


  • The Entrance Hall: The hallway that is primary hub of the Covenant Manor. The two-story room is dominated by a large window above the grand staircase that looks out onto the backyard. The Entrance Hall shelters six doors leading to the living quarters, study rooms and the drawing rooms. Beneath the stairs of the Entrance Hall, after learning the Ectoplasm spell and exiting his guest room, Patrick Galloway will see a dead maid with a key towards her. She was killed by Howlers and bathed in blood. The key was actually Servant's Key.
  • The Greenhouse: A greenhouse found on the grounds of the Covenant Manor. It was primarily used by Bethany Covenant and she is believed to have conducted dark experiments within.