~ Crocker devising evil plans.

The Crocker Cave is Denzel Quincy Crocker's secret base where he researches all fairy-related activity and plans his numerous evil plots to capture Timmy Turner's Fairy Godparents and take over the world.


The Crocker Cave was originally a Telephone Booth in the Janitor's closet in which Crocker did nothing but ramble on about his desires for world domination and complain about his fellow teachers, but as he began to find more proof on Fairies, he used school funds for the science lab to build a giant underground lair beneath the school to further his research.

In the Crocker Cave there are plenty of equipment to aid Crocker in his research such as a large super-computer, fairy detecting and capturing equipment, a large scale model of Fairy World, containers filled with Fairy DNA such as wings, crowns, and hair, numerous posters that say "I hate Timmy Turner" with throwing darts on pictures of Timmy, a sign with Crocker's picture on it that says The Crocker Cave (briefly changed by Timmy to a picture of him that says "The Timmy Cave" and "Welcome Cindy!" to make believe Cindy Vortex, Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez and Libby Folfax that it was his own cave), and a large room containing numerous unused evil plots for destroying Timmy and capturing his fairies.

Once, Crocker filled the Crocker Cave with caged animals and then used his Mother (a machine called it because of the pain and suffering it does, much like his mother) device on himself to turn himself into the ultimate fairy hunting animal with many qualities of the caged animals.

Unsuspecting Van

~ Crocker starting evil plans.

The Unsuspecting Van is Crocker's means of transportation. Like everything else under his care, the Unsuspecting Van appears to be falling apart. Crocker is often seen speeding down the streets in this suspicious vehicle screaming "OUT OF MY WAY!" at whatever crosses his path. Crocker also keeps Fairy hunting equipment inside.

The Unsuspecting Van has changed appearances, ranging from black, to white, to red. Oftentimes the doors of the van simply fall of when Crocker opens them. The license plate reads "FAIRIES". In later appearances, "Unsuspecting Van" is written on the sides.



  • The Crocker Cave and the Unsuspecting Van are remarkable parodies of the Batcave and the Batmobile.
  • A running gag associated with the Crocker Cave was that whoever fell through the secret tube into the lair would miss the preset mattress and land on floor instead. The preset mattress would then be set in the place they had landed.
  • In the episode, "Back To The Norm", the Crocker Cave sign said, "WELCOME TO THE CROCKER CAVE. FAIRIES!".
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