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The Crop Circles

Crop Circles are pattern formations that occurs on crops such as wheat, barley, or rapeseed. These patterns tend to be circular in structure, but yet not always.

These bizarre markings are considered extraterrestrial in origin by many people.  It is believed that these symbols were made by extraterrestrials during one of their expeditions to Earth. According to several ufologists, these symbols were actually messages that aliens left behind, and they are speechless as to what these messages mean. They are also clueless as to whether or not these supposed messages are of a good or bad nature.

Those of a more critical mind, however, considered there to be a scientific explanation for these strange patterns. Many propose that these patterns were most likely created when a tractor malfunctioned, and it could only make right turns through the fields. According to them, this awkward occurrence would ultimately lead to a circular formation in the crops, thus leading to a crop circle. Others believe that some crop circles were faked by people seeking attention.

Often Crop Circles are said to possess strange otherworldly powers of their own and people often flock to the crop circles, feeling great psychic energy - this may come from their alien origins, connections to other dimensions or possibly even ancient knowledge of lay-lines or other supernatural powers said to enhance psychic abilities (in some cultures magic and psychic abilities are said to be linked, thus crop circles are seen as gateways to strange, sometimes even Lovecraftian, realms beyond human understanding - much as ancient monoliths and stone circles are also claimed to hold such power).