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The Cry of Defeat

The Cry of Defeat

Big evil laughs can come in small packages, and they don't get any smaller than Plankton. Plankton may be tiny, but he's got a devious brain, loud voice, and endless amounts of malicious determination. He often dissolves into laughter, especially when he's scheming to achieve his goal of stealing the Krabby Patty secret formula to get customers to come to his own eatery, the Chum Bucket. His laugh can range from low and intimidating to booming and menacing. Some might say he's trying to compensate for something. But if there's anything creepier than his laugh, it's his agonizing scream of terror when things go wrong.
~ Rebecca Brayton on Plankton's cry of defeat.

Just like the Evil Laugh, the Cry of Defeat is a common villain trope, yet it is when the evildoer gives out a loud scream or yell before, during, or after he or she is defeated, especially in the end and/or whenever his or her plans fail. This can often be connected to a Villainous Breakdown. It can often come across as a bloodcurdling shriek, shouting angry words, or, most often, a big "NO!"

The villain lets out a cry of defeat when:

  • The villain's devious plans fail.
  • He/she is about to meet his/her doom.
  • The villain is destroyed, taken away, imprisoned, or even killed.
  • The villain is thwarted and/or outwitted by the hero.


~ Steven Jacob's cry of defeat as Koba pushes him to his doom.
~ Mother Gothel's cry of defeat.
~ Infinite's cry of defeat.
~ The Wolf's cry of defeat.
You're just a girl! This cannot be!!! (Sofia: I'm more than that, but you can't see! I may be small, and on my own, but I can feel how much of grown. My will is strong! My hear is true! MY LOVE WILL BE... THE END... OF... YOU...!!!)
~ Vor's cry of defeat as Sofia vanquishes her.
All my hopes, all my dreams...ruined. RUINED!!!!
~ Dr. Phillium Benedict's cry of defeat as he gazes at the remains of his destroyed tractor beam, ending his plan for good.
~ Queen Grimhilde's and Maleficent's cries of defeat.
~ Captain Hook's famous cry of defeat when the crocodile chases him.
~ Jafar's cry of defeat as Iago kicks his lamp into the magma, destroying him forever
~ Krudsky's cry of defeat when the Goblin King takes him away to imprison him for his treachery.
~ Biff Tannen's cry of defeat.
[As soon as his head peeks out of the Containment Unit, Surt sees Kylie wrangling Fenris with her Proton Pistol.] Fenris! [Kylie tosses Fenris at Surt, causing an explosion that sends them flying back inside the Unit.] NOOOOO!!!
~ Surt's cry of defeat after Kylie Griffin creates an elemental explosion that sends him and Fenris into the Containment Unit.
You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! MELTING! Oh, what a world, what a world! Who would've though a good little girl like could destroy my beautiful wickedness?! Look out! I'm GOING! I'm going...!
~ The Wicked Witch of the West's famous dying cry.
(Snowbell: I guess I showed them. Not bad for a house cat.) Not bad for a dead house cat! (Snowbell whimpers and turns to see Smokey behind him.) Say goodnight, Tinker Bell. (Stuart Little: Hey, Smokey! [Smokey turns and sees Stuart on higher branch] His name is Snowbell!) (Stuart lets go of the branch, which swats Smokey in the face, sending falling him into the pond below.) AAAAH! (Smokey lands in the pond with a splash. He shivers as he swims to shore.) Oh, this water's damn cold! I can't believe this! (The drenched Smokey climbs out of the water, shakes his soaked fur and sprints off.) Beaten by a mouse and his pet cat! What could be worse?! (Loud barking is heard) Oh, nice doggies! No! NOOOOO!
~ Smokey's wail of defeat as he is knocked into the pond by Stuart and then attacked by dogs offscreen..
(Davis: GEORGE!) (Kate lunges at Claire, grabbing her arm and knocking the gun out of her hands.) GET AWAY FROM ME! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! (George lets out a mighty roar.) What the hell are you doing?!) (Kate places the serum in Claire's purse; the wicked businesswoman's eyes grow wide with surprise.) Wha - ? (Kate, bravely: Feeding the monster to the gorilla!) (With a mighty blow, Kate decks Claire in the face with a solid blow. Slowly, George reaches down and scoops up Claire, lifting the yowling businesswoman several stories into the air, and suddenly lets go, dropping her into his open mouth.) Oh, SH--------T!
~ Claire Wyden's bloodcurdling cry of defeat.
~ Koba's nerve-wracking cry of defeat as Caesar drops him to his deathly demise.
(A saddened Al appears on TV in his chicken mascot suit) Welcome to Al's Toy Barn. We've got the lowest prices in town. Everything for a buck-buck-buck.... (breaks down into hysterical sobs) (Hamm: Well, I guess crime doesn't pay!)
~ Al McWhiggin sobbing hysterically at the loss of his fortune, leaving him broke-broke-broke.
Ah! No!
~ Grimmel the Grisly's cry of defeat before he hits the water and dies.
~ Mal shouts as he became wiped out of existence.
(Thomas and Lady are approaching the viaduct that's about to collapse while they're fleeing from Diesel 10.) (Burnett Stone: Well, Lady, this is your Shining Time, too.) (Lady: I hope so.) (Thomas: Come on, Lady! Little engines can do big things!) (The viaduct starts breaking apart, but Thomas and Lady just manage to get across while creating a big hole on the viaduct.) (Burnett, triumphantly: Well done, Thomas! Well done!) (He blows Lady's whistle in triumph, and so does Thomas. Diesel 10 applies his brakes, but it's too late.) Ah, oh! Ooh, what's going on?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it! (The wicked diesel screams as he plunges off the viaduct. He barely manages to grab hold of a track tie with his claw before falling.) Puffball! Teapot! (The track tie can't support Diesel 10's massive weight anymore and breaks!) TIN KETTLE! (He falls and lands in a passing barge full of sludge.) Oh, well. Nice time of the year for a cruise. (chuckles nervously)
~ Diesel 10's cry of defeat as he plunges off the collapsing viaduct into a passing barge pulled by a boat.
Agh! NO!!!!
~ Scar's bloodcurdling screams of agonizing pain as the hyenas make him pay with his life for his betrayal.
(Believing to have escaped from the stampeding dinosaurs Maisie released, Eli crawls out from under his car. Slowly, he steps over to the Indominus rib, ready to grab it. But as he does...CHOMP! The T-Rex comes out of left field, sinking her ragged fangs into the scoundrel! Eli's screaming pierces the air as the dinosaur continues chomping down on him, then rips him in half, tossing part of his body to the Carnotaurus and flicking his leg away. With a roar of triumph, the T-Rex stomps on the rib, crushing it.)
~ Eli Mills' cries of defeat as the dinosaurs he was bent on exploiting tear the scoundrel to pieces.
(Peter Ludlow advances on the moaning baby T-Rex, but the father, hearing his offspring's cries, bellows and rushes to its side. The T-Rex's fear for his baby turns to rage over the one responsible for kidnapping his offspring. He towers over Ludlow, roaring ferociously. The wicked businessman whimpers in terror and backs up, his eyes wide.) Wait. Wait. (softly) Wait. (As he starts to make a getaway, Ludlow knocks down a bunch of boxes.) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!) (He runs to the window, with the T-Rex gaining on him, but it's too late. There is an ugly crunch as the irate father clamps his massive jaws down on Ludlow's scrawny leg. With that, Ludlow gives out a yowl that rattles the windowpanes and the T-Rex drops him down on the floor.) Wait! (Ludlow tries to run off, but the father gives him a sharp nudge, pushing him down.) Wait, wait, wait, wait! (With a gurgling growl, the baby T-Rex pounces on Ludlow's back. The evil man gives out a long, horrifying shriek as the hatchling digs into him like a feast and the father T-Rex looks over at his baby as if to say, "That's my boy.")
~ Peter Ludlow meeting his match at the jaws of two T-Rexes he imprisoned.
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