The Cursed Guitar is a magic musical instrument capable of casting a love spell and an object featured in the Martin Mystery cartoon series.


It is a bright red classic rock guitar. Additionally the guitar case bares the symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.


A 100 years ago a lonely guitar made it, but it was implied Aphrodite cursed it for unknown reasons.

He used it woo his sweetheart which was successful, but the guitar also made other potential suitors fall madly in love with him. It transformed them into crazed love monsters in the process.

The spell eventually drove his love away and he was devoured by the love monsters he created.

Powers and Abilities

The guitar can cast a powerful love spell over whoever hears it's music. It makes all potential suitors fall in love with whoever plays it. If it's played a male it will affect females. It's implied that if a girl plays it, boys would be enchanted. However the spell would transform the victims into love monsters bent on devouring the player.


The only to reverse the spell to play whichever song the user played backwards. The guitar can't affect people related to the player. Step-persons are safe as well.


The Cursed Guitar case.png
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